12 DIY Holiday Cards To Make Before Time Runs Out

It's finally the one time of year where you can mail letters bragging about your life, and it doesn't seem weird. If you have yet to send out your holiday cards, I urge you to do it soon, because time is running out. These DIY holiday cards and projects are an easy way to say "Hey, I had a great year, and look, I can craft too! I guess you can say I'm the perfect person." Tell everyone about your new job, or raise, or significant other, or apartment. Heck, put it all in there! If Aunt Diane has been able to brag about her family for the last 15 years, then you can brag about your life now.

Of course, you may not have had a year to brag about, and that's OK too. The great thing about holiday cards is that they are an easy way to reconnect with old friends and family. I firmly believe you will receive just as much love as you give, so give as much as you can.

Though stores are packed with boxes of holiday cards, I prefer the DIY route. Luckily the Internet is packed with inspiration. These 12 ideas are some of my favorites. Happy gifting and merry everything, happy always!

1. Home Holiday Card

This adorable home card from A Beautiful Mess is more than meets the eye. The house has house-shaped photos stapled to it like a book.

2. DIY Button Holiday Cards

Ingrid Nilsen on YouTube

Ingrid Nilsen put together this great video showing how to make super easy holiday cards. You just need some buttons, glue, and a little holiday cheer!

3. Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card

OvernightArtist on YouTube

This genius and simple design is from Overnight Artist.

4. Printable Merry And Bright Card

Procrastinators, rejoice! You can download this card straight to your computer, and send it out last minute.

Printable merry and bright card, $6, etsy.com

5. Printable Merry Christmas Photo Card

For the family with a new baby, fear not. This card comes to you. Just drop in your favorite picture of your little one, and you have yourself a card!

Photo card, $20, etsy.com

6. Washi Tape Card

This might be the easiest card of all. Grab your tape and a pen, and you'll look creative and cheery in almost no time.

7. Write Your Own Funny Card

Comedian Mike Kelton sent this card out last year. When you're funny, no one really cares what your card looks like.

8. Snowman Package

Even the kids can get involved, or at least stay occupied, with this easy DIY snowman package.

9. DIY Patterned Paper

Julie Becerra on YouTube

Making your own stamp might be a little much, or maybe you've always wanted a reason to do it, but with this project, you'll use it again and again and again.

10. Scrapbook Card

If you are only sending out a few cards this year, consider opting for a more complicated project. Scrapbooking kits have some pretty impressive holiday embellishments that are sure to spread cheer.

DIY Christmas Project Kit, $8.95, etsy.com

11. Paper Straw Card

This paper straw card might be the easiest DIY of them all. Plus, you can use really any straw you have on hand to create the tree shape — no need to go out and buy the green kind.

12. Heart Wreath Card

SharonBeMakinStuff on YouTube

Vlogger SharonBeMakinStuff walks you through making this sweet heart wreath card.

Looking for more holiday cheer? Check out Bustle on YouTube.

Bustle on YouTube