This 'AHS: Hotel' Hiatus Won't Be Long

As we dive deeper into the Christmas season, more and more of our beloved television shows are taking a break from their weekly debuts to go on a holiday hiatus, if you will. (Because apparently family bonding takes priority over TV watching this time of year. Who knew?!) This week, we'll be saying a temporary farewell to American Horror Story: Hotel , which won't return until Jan. 6, 2016 with its last three remaining episodes of the season. But don't worry, my friends — that's really not as far away as it seems. While it's true that we won't technically see the show again until after the start of the new year, let's not forget that Christmas is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from now. So we'll only be forced to go without our usual dose of horror for a maximum of three weeks.

But in the meantime, I'm sure that Episode 10 "She Get Revenge" will leave us with plenty of things to think about throughout the remainder of the holiday season. It will also undoubtedly leave us with a ton of unresolved storylines. (Ryan Murphy loves nothing more than to emotionally and mentally torture us.) So in anticipation of AHS: Hotel's hiatus, here are a few of the most important we need to see happen upon the show's return.

1. More Sally

I feel like we've barely seen Sarah Paulson all season and I am so not OK with it. Sally is such an insane and wildly intriguing character. I'd love to journey more into her backstory and what her role has been within the Cortez.

2. A Happy Ending For Scarlett

Or maybe even just an update on Scarlett at all? John and Alex may have forgotten all about their daughter, but that doesn't mean we have. I hope that she doesn't end up contracting the virus from all those other vamp kids. (Though, if anyone deserved the right to kill their parents, it would be her.)

3. A Rudolph/March/Donovan Showdown

I say let's get all of The Countess' love interests in one room and see what happens. Granted, it may be a little unfair considering that Mr. March is already dead, but both Rudy and Donovan have the virus in their system so that puts them somewhat at an advantage as well. Either way, though, who wouldn't want to see these attractive men go toe-to-toe with one another? Preferably shirtless.

4. A Tristan & Liz Reunion

I know that Tristan appears to be gone for good despite the hotel's inclination to turn all of its occupants into lifelong ghosts. But maybe he's just been off licking his wounds and plotting revenge on The Countess. I'd love to see him come back and reunite with Liz Taylor. They made for an adorable couple and Liz is one of the few people in the Cortez who actually deserves some happiness.

5. A Ramona Comeback

As much as admire the fact that The Countess is attempting to take control of her life, that doesn't mean I necessarily agree with everything she's doing. Yes, Ramona wants revenge on her, but that's because The Countess killed the man that she loved and basically ruined her life. So let's see Ramona bust out of her prison confines and finally get that revenge she's been waiting for. Hell hath no fury like an Angela Bassett scorned.

6. Another Murder House Connection

Because I still haven't given up hope that Jessica Lange will make a surprise cameo. Please?

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