Shop The 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6 Poster Style, No Matter The Occasion — PHOTO

Five years have gone by, and I’m sure quite a few things have changed, but the fact that these girls have amazing fashion sense has remained constant. The Pretty Little Liars have amazing funeral style, according to the latest images released to promote the sixth season of the show. Leave it to these ladies to make even the saddest of occasions the most fashionable. Only in Rosewood, you know?

Each of the ladies have their own distinct tastes, and that comes across even though each of them are wearing black dresses. These dresses are great for way more than funerals, too, and thankfully, it’s not hard to find similar pieces to shop for yourself. So, whether you’re more of an Emily, Aria, Spencer, Hanna or Alison — there’s an LBD to suit your style. From sheer and sexy silhouettes to interesting necklines, there’s a lot to appreciate about this formal attire.

Check out each of the ladies’ looks and even shop them for yourself if you’re so inclined. Also, prepare to get excited for the season premiere on January 12. If this doesn’t have you amped to see what’s in store for these gals five years later, then I don’t know what will!

Their funeral style is on-point.

1. Aria's LBD

Dancer's Delight Dress, $89.99, ModCloth

To get Aria's look, you need a dress with a fun, full skirt.

2. Hanna's LBD

Cut-Out Dress, $168, Express Edition

A sexy dress with cut-outs is just what you need to get Hanna's style.

3. Alison's LBD

Leather Halter Dress, $34.90, Forever 21+

An interesting neckline is a key part of achieving Alison-inspired attire.

4. Emily's LBD

Black Mesh Polka Dot Top, $68, Express Edition

Leather High Waisted Shorts, $148, Express Edition

Of course, Emily's more of a top and short combo kind of gal. Leave it to her to mix things up, but still keep it classy.

5. Spencer's LBD

Club L Plus Dress With Lace Inserts, $36, ASOS

Channel your inner Spencer with sheer lace paneling.

Never thought a funeral would inspire your OOTD, did you?


Only in Rosewood.

Images: Courtesy Brands (6); Giphy (1)