This 'PLL' Poster Teases A Dead Body, But Whose?

To say that fans were excited to see the brand new Pretty Little Liars Season 6B poster would be a bit of an understatement. In fact, as soon as the image was released, Twitter exploded in a frenzy of excitement as diehard fans attempted to interpret what this could mean for the upcoming season. However, the biggest (and most obvious) takeaway question that immediately came to the forefront of everyone's mind was simple: Who's inside the casket that the Liars are carrying? PLL is no stranger to killing off characters, so it's not surprising to see that the body count will once again go up. But it's not so much the deed itself, but rather who the deed is being done to that makes this scenario all the more illuminating.

On the one hand, it could just be a metaphor of some kind, representing the dark secrets they'll be forced to figuratively keep buried throughout the course of the season. But given everything that we've seen on this show, I have a feeling this sentiment is meant to be taken quite literally. Someone is headed to their grave and soon — but who could it possibly be? Here are some of the best theories out there so far...

Mrs. D.

Mrs. D.'s killer has yet to be revealed. It was one of the few storylines that remained a mystery at the end of Season 6A. So perhaps her coffin is a representation of that unsolved mystery carrying over to 6B. In fact, it may not even be too far of a stretch to think that whoever killed Alison's mom is the new Big Bad in town.

Emily's Dad

Sadly, we know that Wayne Fields died in the army during the time jump, so it's entirely possible he could be the one the casket is meant for. However, something tells me that whoever is inside this coffin may be someone we don't already know has passed away. PLL loves shocking us with dramatic twists.


Just because she's alive at the beginning of the season doesn't necessarily mean she'll stay that way.


Maybe I'm just being paranoid or have yet to fully get over the takeout from last year, but there's apart of me that's constantly worried we'll be forced to face a Mona-less Rosewood at some point down the line. I have never wanted to be more wrong.

It's Actually All Of Us

Is it possible to die from anticipation? Because that's definitely what's happening right now.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC Family; gamergirl929/Tumblr (2); a-team-is-here/Tumblr