As a young woman in her 20s, I know it is very important to forge my way ahead and excel in my field. You have to focus your energies on excelling in your craft, and learning how to budget your time — and learn how to balance your check book, because lawd knows they didn't teach you that nonsense in high school or college. Sometimes, this determination leads to a complete disregard for one area of life some consider essential: Romance and love. "Pshawww," you may snort. "I'm a strong, independent young woman who doesn't need anyone!" And you're right! You should first and foremost love yourself, and if a career is what you need to do that, then you go, girl. Furthermore, you don't need love or romantic moments when all your favorite celebrities, TV shows, and movies can just do it for you.

The year 2015 was one for celebrity marriages and hook-ups, television romances that melted our hearts, and romantic movies that made us question everything we have ever known or wanted to know about love. Here's to 2015 for making our ice-cream, television, and entertainment news-filled nights the very best.

1. Jennifer Aniston's Secret Marriage To Justin Theroux


Aniston and Theroux started dating in 2012 and didn't get married until this year, which is already a step in the right direction: Taking your time makes sense, celebrities! Then, instead of publicizing the event as a wedding, the couple told all their celebrity friends it was Justin's birthday party which is a perfect way to keep the pressure off nuptials. So romantic. Gosh.

2. Any Scene With Wilson Fisk And Vanessa In Daredevil

Never before have I seen a couple that ooze as much sexual tension as Daredevil villian Wilson Fisk and his love interest Vanessa. Nor have I seen a villian have such a backstory with his love interest. It really makes you think. Kudos Wilson and Vanessa. You guys are great — if a bit evil.

3. The Final Scene In Trainwreck


Trainwreck was the romantic comedy for the modern girl. Amy Schumer as "Amy" makes the mistakes we all make: She is noncommittal, she parties too much, and she gets into stupid fights often. So it comes as no surprise when she messes things up with her new doctor boyfriend, Aaron (Bill Hader). But it's amazing when she makes it all up by in an apology dance with the Knicks City Dancers — and swiftly thereafter face-plants. A girl after my own heart.

4. Gwen Stefani Finally Got Together With Blake Shelton


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been buddies for a long time, due primarily to working together on The Voice. But it wasn't until 2015 when they were both removed from their previous significant others that they got together, proving that friends make the best life partners. Oh geez, I'm gonna cry.

5. Diane Ngyuen And Mr. Peanutbutter's Make-up Phone Call

Diane Nyguen (Allison Brie) and Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins) from Bojack Horseman became estranged due to what is possibly an unworkable relationship. She continued to pretend she was in far-off Cordovia doing good work, though she was was actually crashing on Bojack's couch. When Mr. Peanutbutter spots Diane in a restaurant in Hollywood, he calls her up and immediately asks her to come home. It's precious and so forgiving I can't stand it.

6. When Tony Falls In Love With Eilis In Brooklyn

Michael Brook - Topic on YouTube

There is something about love between two immigrants in a period piece that just plays the heart strings. And when Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) meets Tony (Emory Cohen) in the 2015 movie, Brooklyn, this heart started melted. He was instantly in love, and begins showing his infatuation right away. Though Eilis is harder to convince, she reciprocates and eventually agrees to marry him. Even though she meets an Irish cutie (my one-true love Domhnall Gleeson) on a return trip to Ireland, Tony's unabashed passion for Eilis calls her back. Swoooon.

Love is still confusing for mid-20s me, but at least I have pop culture to fall back on. Thank the Goddess for the Internet, or this heart, and the hearts of many of my pals would be soooo lonely. Excuse me while I proceed to google the best movie kisses and other such Internet love dribble.

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