'Delirium's Lauren Oliver Announces Two New YA Novels

There's no way I'm the only one who sobbed behind a pair of sunglasses on the subway while reading the final chapters of Delirum (#TeamAlex forever) scaring every other grown-up around her. So, I know I'm in good company when I say that I'm so, so excited because Lauren Oliver announced two new YA novels Tuesday. And not much gets me this giddy on a Tuesday.

Oliver wrote the three Delirum series novels — Delirium, Pandemonium, and Requiem, its spin-off stories, as well as the YA hit Before I Fall (which, P.S. is currently in development for a movie adaptation); YA's Panic, which was definitely one of the best YA books of 2014; this year's YA Vanishing Girls; the children's and MG books Liesl & Po, The Curiosity House series, and The Spindlers; and the adult novel Room — because clearly she can write anything for anyone. But these two upcoming YA novels are something new, even for Oliver.

The first of the two books will be titled Replica. According to the announcement in Publishers Weekly, here's the story:

Replica, the first of the two books, tells the story of Lyra, known by the number 24, a replica – human model – who was born, raised, and observed in a clandestine research facility called the Haven Institute. When Lyra escapes from Haven and meets Gemma, a stranger on a quest of her own, earth-shattering secrets are revealed.

And, you guys, we don't even have to wait that long. Publication is slated for September 2016. Oliver is mum about the second book, whether it's part of a series or a different standalone novel, though her above tweet seems to allude that it's one big cohesive project. Either way, all we need to know is there will be Oliver YA books coming in our near future.

Image: Lauren Oliver/Goodreads