Girl Toys Have Gotten A Whole Lot Girlier Since Your 1980s Or 1990s Childhood

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We all know that kid's toys are intensely gender-segregated. And it's not just "trucks are for boys, dolls are for girls," either. From toy marketing to color choices, gender neutrality doesn't play so well among those catering to the playroom set. But Toys 'R' Us has started selling construction sets for little girls. And there's an all-around push for less gender segregation in toy stores. Perhaps we're at least making some progress?

Not really. HuffPost Women recently shared a Lego ad from 1981 that's leaps and bounds less gendered than Lego ads today. And a collection of vintage toy ads rounded up by Sociological Images shows this Lego ad isn't an isolated incident. Both the children featured in 1980s toy ads and the toys themselves were less feminized, less sexualized, and more emphasizing of overlap between young girls and young boys at play. Click through to see how this has played out for everything from Troll dolls to Lisa Frank gear to Candyland.

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