Iris Law, Jude Law's 15-Year-Old Daugher, Stars In Her First Ever Modeling Campaign — PHOTOS

Jude Law may not quite be a household name in every part of the world (although he totally is in mine), but the British actor (who I love for his role in The Holiday) might just have some competition when it comes to being the most famous Law. His 15-year-old daughter, Iris Law, just starred in her first ever modeling campaign for Illustrated Company. And boy, is she gorgeous.

The British brand is known for its leisurewear, and it collaborated with London stylist Violette Kassapi on a line called Violetta Fancies You x Illustrated People. Law and two other models showed off the glamorous silky pajamas in photos shot by Luke Freeman. The "Iris" pajama set features a satin navy shirt that says "I would rather be sleeping" on the back and navy polka dotted pants. It retails for £90 (about $135).

This is Law's first official fashion campaign, but judging by her Instagram, the teen has some major fashion aspirations. It's full of selfies, artsy photos of glamorous destinations, and adorable throwback pictures of her family (she's the daughter of Jude Law and his ex-wife Sadie Frost.)

She's got some Miley Cyrus vibes, no?

I need that pajama shirt, stat.

She may only be 15, but the teen already has some fashion chops. Here's seven things you should know about the budding model.

1. She has a (possibly fake) tattoo of a cat

I'm no ink expert, so I can't tell if this hip tat is real or drawn on with pen. But it's kind of adorable, right?

2. She's an animal lover

If that tattoo didn't prove it to you already, the adorable snaps of Law's dogs and cats on her Instagram will. She's clearly a pet person.

3. She's got a serious crush on Leonardo DiCaprio

OK, who can blame her for this one? Ignoring the slightly creepy implications (he's only a year younger than her dad!), Law has a major crush on teenage Leo, according to her Instagram.

4. She's a mama's girl

Law's Instagram is full of sweet snaps with her mother, whose footsteps she's following into the fashion world. Frost runs fashion label Frost French.

5. She's super close with her dad, too

I mean, look at that adorable birthday post she uploaded on his birthday.

6. She's also got acting aspirations

Law and a friend starred in a short film together called Sylvie and Iris, which was put together by amateur film maker Anna McGrane.

7. She's known Kate Moss since birth

Moss is super close with her mother, and Law has known her since she was a baby, according to this sweet throwback photo.

Law may only be 15, but I suspect this isn't the last time we'll be hearing about her. I personally can't wait to see where her career takes her.

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Image: Illustrated People