12 Gifts For 'Chuck' Fans That Will Make Anyone Feel Like A True Member Of The Nerd Herd

Once a Chuck fan, always a Chuck fan. The romantic spy comedy hasn’t been on the air since 2012, but the Bartowski fandom is still alive and well and thinking about the series on a daily basis. (Does Sarah get her memories back? I need to know!) Fortunately for any potential gift giver looking to surprise a member of the Nerd Herd this holiday season, there are tons of awesome and unique Chuck -related gifts available on the internet. Maybe your Chuck-loving friends and family prefer to wear their show pride, dive deep into pop culture analysis, or even deck their living spaces out in referential art work. Whatever their bag, there’s a Chuck item to suit it.

And hey, if you double up on these gifts and keep one for yourself, who has to know? Shopping for fandom stuff is fun, but it’s also very, very dangerous if your interests intersect with the person you’re shopping for. Maybe keep your bank balance open in another window while you do it. Or don’t, because what could be bad about giving or owning every one of these cool Chuck-inspired gifts? Team Bartowski should always be prepared, and representing.

1. Orange Orange Frozen Yogurt Print

Orange Orange Chuck 8x10 Poster, $18, Etsy

This bright, clean print is a subtle call out to the frozen yogurt shop that served as Sarah Walker's cover. Give it to a friend who's decorating a new place.

2. Character Travel Mug

12 oz Chuck Ceramic Mug, $24, Society 6

Chuck and Sarah aren't the only Chuck characters worth remembering. Your caffeine-addicted pal can pay tribute to the whole Buy More, CIA, and Bartowski family gang with this quirky tumbler.

3. "Team Bartowski" Canvas Print

19x10 Chuck Canvas Print, $85, Society 6

Need to splurge on someone? This subtle and cool artwork looks super plush printed on canvas, but is available as a flat poster as well.

4. "I Know Kung-Fu" Pendant

Chuck Pendant Necklace, $8, Etsy

For the friend who daydreams about being the intersect, go for this Chuck quote necklace.

5. "Respect The Beard" Tee

Unisex Chuck Tee, $24.80, Redbubble

Morgan gets in the way as much as (or more often than) he helps. But he's brave and a good friend. Isn't that all that really matters?

6. "Sometimes The Nerd Gets The Girl" Cross Stitch Pattern

Chuck Cross Stitch Pattern Download, $2.62, Etsy

Need an instant gift for a crafty pal? This pattern can be downloaded and sent instantly, saving you from empty-handed embarrassment.

7. Jeffster Phone Case

Chuck Phone Case, Various, Redbubble

For the friend who never, ever wants to stop rocking.

8. Personalized Nerd Herd Badge

Chuck Badge, $15, Etsy

Make it official for an aspiring nerd with this screen-accurate Nerd Herd ID.

9. Charles Carmichael Tank

Chuck Racerback Tank, $25, Redbubble

Snag this tank top for anyone who wants to show her love for Chuck's debonair (at least, that's the goal) spy alter ego to the world.

10. "Five Year Plan" Sticker

Chuck Sticker, $2.40, Redbubble

Because this quote will never not be relatable.

11. "Nerd" Beanie

Nerd Beanie, $18, The Nerd Machine

Chuck star Zachary Levi founded this company to celebrate nerds of all stripes. The store has all kinds of geek-pride goodies, but I recommend this cozy beanie, which will inevitably flatter anyone.

12. Unpacking Chuck Book

Chuck Kindle Book, $17, Amazon

This critical analysis of the series has amazing reader reviews on Amazon and would make a perfect gift for anyone who likes examining why they love the things that they love.

Even if they don't come from Buy More, any Chuck fan would be thrilled to receive one of these gifts.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Etsy (4); Amazon; Redbubble (4); Society6 (2); The Nerd Machine