'Finding Carter' Just Keeps Breaking Our Hearts

Excuse me while I go lose my damn mind. Seriously. Can we get through one Finding Carter finale without Max ending up in some degree of peril? Tuesday night's Finding Carter Season 2 finale was as insane as we all thought it would be — but nothing was more insane than the fact that Max killed Jared on Finding Carter after he saw Jared hit Carter. Let that sink in for a second. OK fine, he didn't do it on purpose and, because he's Max, he had a fairly good reason for hitting Jared over the head with a liquor bottle. But still, Jared is dead and Max turned himself in to the police in the final moments of the episode, so it's really up to the law to decide now whether or not his motive is enough to keep him out of prison.

This situation was almost as difficult to watch play out as it was to watch Crash run from the police after he shot Max in Season 1. Especially because Lori didn't do anything to help the situation when she forced Max to leave Magic Hour before help could arrive. The truth of the matter is that Max hit Jared to stop him from hurting Carter because, really, who knows what that guy was capable of. Over the course of the two-hour finale, Jared more or less proved himself to be the biggest jerk on the planet — so, could anyone really trust him to not kill Carter after he'd already knocked her unconscious? No. Max, like the beautiful cinnamon roll that he is, was just trying to protect Carter who's essentially just become a burden to us all with her constant need to get the last word in every situation.

Max eventually turned himself in to the police, but not until after Lori had lied and tried to take the fall for him. Which, honestly, might mean the worst for Max if Finding Carter returns for Season 3. I mean, it certainly counts that he told the truth, but I could see the police finding it very suspicious that Lori would be willing to take the fall for murder if this was really just self-defense. But, unlike Crash who ran for days after shooting Max by accident in Season 1, Max turned himself in right away. And, with all of the magical powers that Elizabeth seems to possess within the justice system, it's entirely possible that Max might not have to go to jail at all. Which, judging by the look Taylor gave Carter at the end of Tuesday's episode, is probably the only thing that'll keep their relationship together.

Image: MTV