Is Ben Alive On 'Finding Carter'? The Season 2 Finale Left His Fate Uncertain

Just when I thought Finding Carter couldn't out-do itself, Tuesday night's Season 2 finale left everything and everyone hanging in the balance. For most of the two-hour episode, most of the characters faced the fall out of Seth's death earlier this season. And, obviously, it wasn't pretty at all — but it might be Ben who ended up in the worst spot, even after he was released from jail and miraculously ended up in the Wilsons' custody rather than going back into the system. In the final moments of the Finding Carter Season 2 finale, the series left fans wondering if Ben is alive on Finding Carter . Because, after this episode, it seems like anything's possible.

Really, Ben just can't seem to get out of his own way this season — so, when he called Rick and asked to meet, I wasn't surprised. Why would he just settle into his cushy situation at the Wilsons and be grateful? It wasn't cool that Rick jumped into Crash's car and threatened Carter and I totally understand why Ben felt like he needed to get the last word, but did he really expect it to end better? I appreciate Ben and I know that he means well, but this was just a fool's errand and it ended exactly how we should've expected it to.

When Carter visited him earlier in the episode, it seemed like Ben understood how guys like Rick handle things. But that didn't stop him from trying to get out of the game and threaten to expose Rick if he ever came near the Wilsons again. Ben is a 16-year-old and Rick is apparently a big time drug dealer — no one is crazy enough to think that he'd be able to lay down the law in this situation. And now we're all left wondering whether or not he's going to be OK. I don't think Finding Carter would kill off Ben just yet — not when they just killed off another character in the finale — but it would kind of be heartbreakingly fitting for Ben's happy ending to be cut short because he went out looking for trouble. If Finding Carter returns for Season 3, it'd be a surprise for Ben to leave the show so soon — so, hopefully, someone will find him sooner rather than later.

Image: MTV