16 Amazing Moments From 1D's Carpool Karaoke

Is there anything more adorable than One Direction doing carpool karaoke with James Corden? I'm here to posit, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that there is not, and, by the time I close my case today, I'm confident you'll vote with me and bring this matter to justice. I've seen a lot of baby kittens in my life, and babies tipping over, and animals of different species becoming friends, but, at the end of the day, it all comes down to Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson in a car, belting along with their own greatest hits, and just generally having a great (and mind-blowingly cute) time.

Part of it surely comes from the fact that the 1D foursome knows The Late Late Show host James Corden back from when they were still a fivesome (pour some out for Zayn Malik), when he wrote the video for "Best Song Ever," because you can tell that everyone is super comfortable around each other in a way they might not be with a different late night host. It's a particular talent of Corden's, in any case, to bring out the best in his interviewees, and he works his magic in a big way with One Direction. Here are the 16 moments from the video that remind you why you'll always be fans of theirs.

1. "Make Sure You Get Belts On, Boys"

Nothing more attractive than safety.

2. "I Need To Wee"

It would be Harry.

3. Niall Throwing The Attention To James Corden

That's our boy!

4. When Niall Sang Directly To You


5. When Harry Instructed A Fan To "Drive Safely"

"Put your hands on the wheel!"

6. When The Whole Backseat Seriously Gave It Their All

"Story of my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife!"

7. The Full-Car Harmony Hum

OMG, Harry's face.

8. When Harry Went On His Own Little Riff That Also Looked A Little Like A Yawn


9. Their Faces When James Corden Does The High Part On "Best Song Ever"

Oops, I'm in love with five people. (Yes obviously including Corden.)


I truly cannot.

11. When They Got Soulful To The Max

I see you over there joining in, Louis Tomlinson's eye.

12. How Much Harry Likes This One Dance Move

We may get them into a routine yet!

13. "You OK, James?"

Lil baby Liam, checking on James Corden when he gets a little too heated, saying, "Is it just me or does this feel right?"

14. When Niall Said He'd Marry Selena Gomez

Please let that be my Christmas present this year.

15. When They All Collapsed In Giggles After James Corden's Rap

Which was actually pretty impressive! (The rap, not the giggling — the giggling was just adorable.)

16. "I Love You All Very Very Much"

I'm crying right now you guys.

The good news is, this whole video is adorable, and you can watch it below. The bad news is, it sadly did not convince the lads not to go on a hiatus, as they've planned, so we'll have to keep coming up with ideas of how to Parent Trap them. I believe in us!

Images: CBS (16)