Watch One Direction's Final Pre-Hiatus Performance

by Kadeen Griffiths

I know that we've all technically had adequate time to prepare for the fact that One Direction is going on hiatus, but this still came as a punch to the gut. The boys gave what is probably their final performance before the One Direction hiatus on The X Factor UK on Sunday, performing "History" in front of a crowd that was probably sobbing into their Made In The A.M. CDs. (Does anyone buy CDs again?) According to Just Jared, Simon Cowell even wished them well on their break with the words, "You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with. Enjoy your time off." That's OK. I guess I didn't need to use my heart today after all. While there are plenty of reasons why it's a completely justifiable reaction to be in tears in your bedroom or on the train right now, there are at least seven things about One Direction's final performance that will break your heart even more. If you have the Kleenex supply to handle these things, I invite you to come and look them over with me.

The video of the performance will no doubt rack up tons of views, especially the further we get into the hiatus. But this could be it, you guys. If One Direction never gets back together, this could be the last time we ever see these boys together and performing new music. I'm trying not to think so pessimistically, but I've been burned by bands before. Whether this is their final pre-hiatus performance, or their final performance ever, it was a great send off for the boy band that has touched so many lives. Check it out below.

And now, here are seven things that are sure to absolutely break your heart even more than the words "final performance."

1. Harry's Dance Moves & Outfit

Where else am I going to find a member of a boy band trying to pull off a paisley suit? Where?!

2. The Slideshow

Because of course they would perform "History" while their history in photographs is broadcasted across a screen behind them.

3. The Slideshow Including Zayn Malik

I'm sorry. I can't. I'm done.

4. The Fact That They're Performing "History"

They're all, "This is not the end," and I'm all, "I hate you guys so much, you don't even know."

5. That Group Hug At The End

If only I could be in the center of this group hug.

6. The Location

Ending where it all began, of course.

7. These Goodbye Messages

Niall Horan and Liam Payne are sure to chime in before the day is through, but I'm already in hysterics just from these messages from Styles and Tomlinson. Even if you're not a Directioner, this is a heartbreaking moment.

Image: TheXFactorUK/YouTube (6)