9 DIY Beauty Gifts That Are Perfect For The Holidays — VIDEOS

Holiday gifting doesn't have to hurt your bank account. Avoid last minute shopping nightmares by creating your own beauty gifts at home. It's a great way to add a personal touch to your holiday gifts without spending a lot of money. Plus, everything you need can be found in your pantry or local craft store. So, don't go out, and buy tons of beauty products this holiday season. Make them yourself, instead. The best part is that you don't even have to be a crafting genius to create these gifts. Even DIY newbies, like myself, can make these simple beauty products at home.

Another bonus of creating your own beauty gifts this holiday season is that you can control everything that goes into the product. From scents to salts and everything in-between, you can customize the product to each recipient's personality or taste. This customization also allows you to forgo any harmful ingredients. In fact, most of the DIYs below use only all-natural or organic ingredients. How cool is that? Give gifts that people actually will use this holiday season. Here are nine beauty products that your loved ones are sure to enjoy during the holidays.

1. Body Scrub & Body Butter

NikkiPhillippi on YouTube

Who wouldn't love to get a candy cane scented body scrub?

2. Night Lotion Bars

Ela Gale ♡ on YouTube

These heart-shaped lotion bars are absolutely precious! Potential stocking stuffer idea, anyone?

3. Starbucks Bath Bomb

Karina Garcia on YouTube

This DIY may take a bit of time and patience, but the end result is simply adorable.

4. Soap

WhatsUpMoms on YouTube

If you're looking for an easy gift for the children in your family, try making them homemade soaps. Add small toys in the middle of the soap to create a fun, bath time treat.

5. Shaving Cream

POPSUGAR Beauty on YouTube

When it comes to making this a glamorous beauty gift, it's all about the packaging. Take this DIY a step further by adding some holiday glitz to the mason jar. Spray paint the jar a fun metallic color or cover it with festive glitter to take this present to the next level.

6. Chocolate Scented Body Butter

Go ahead, and make two batches of this yummy smelling body butter. You're definitely going to want to keep one for yourself.

7. Body Oils

My Natural Sistas on YouTube

This is a really fun gift to get creative with. Mix and match essential oils to create the perfect, personalized gift.

8. All-Natural Body Wash

Honeysuckle on YouTube

Here's a DIY that takes less than five minutes to make. Simply create your mix, and pour into a beautiful bottle. Voila – an easy, last-minute gift.

9. Candy Cane Lip Balm

Gillian Bower on YouTube

Say hello to your stocking stuffers.

Gifting during the holidays doesn't have to be expensive. Create fun, easy beauty gifts by using ingredients you already have at home. It's so simple, it's practically a holiday miracle.

Images: Pexels