Jennifer Lawrence's Crush On Seth Meyers Somehow Makes Her Even More Relatable — VIDEO

Stars really are like us — when it comes to celebrity crushes. While appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday, Jennifer Lawrence revealed she almost asked Seth Meyers out back in 2013 when she hosted Saturday Night Live. For a moment, let's all imagine these two as a couple. Not really what I'd expect, but they would definitely make one hilarious duo. Anyways, Lawrence decided to finally spill the beans to Meyers and said,

You probably know this by now because I told everybody at NBC. Years ago I did SNL. You were working there, I don't know what you did ... I had a really big crush on you. I had this whole plan. All week I was like, "He’s gonna ask me out. He’s totally gonna ask me out." Later in the week, I was like, "I'm gonna ask him out." I created the romance in my head because I’m delusional.

Her plan to ask Meyers out on a date didn't stop there. "I started — thank God — I talked to the wardrobe lady about it," she continued to tell Meyers. "I was like, 'I think I'm going to ask Seth Meyers out. I’m going to give him my number.' And she was like, 'Honey, he’s engaged.'"

Could that be more awkward? The Joy actress admitted that she becomes so obsessed with someone that she forgets about a key factor: he may or may not be available. "I would never go after another woman's man," she said. "I always forget about step one — find out if he has a woman. I get so carried away and already go into the delusion of, 'Oh, my God, we’re in love!'"

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Same, J. Law. Same. Who doesn't have a celebrity crush and then start fantasizing that you two are going to fall madly in love and all will be right in the world? Lawrence does it all the time, especially with Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David, she confessed to Meyers. The late-night talk show host wasn't sure how he should feel about being Lawrence's crush alongside David, but she assured him they are both very special men.

Oh, J. Law, thank you for always being entertaining and never failing in being super awkward.