Here Are The Salaries Of Fictional Characters

I don't think it matters how much you love your job — if someone came up to you tomorrow and offered you a position teaching at Hogwarts, you'd be like, PEACE. But now that we have an idea of the salaries of fictional characters' jobs, we can actually assess how much of an impact it would have on our ~lifestyles~ (or, if you're like me and too lazy to leave your apartment, lack of lifestyle). The good people job search engine site Adzuna realized that although they could predict salaries for most careers with a calculator, there was a severe lack of info on working our ACTUAL dream jobs. Now they've compiled the information so that the geeky masses can see what they'd be making in fictional universes across the nerdosphere.

Topping in at the highest of the 29 jobs they evaluated is the Tooth Fairy, with an annual salary of $200,000. And honestly, with the number of gross baby teeth that woman has to handle on a nightly basis, I gotta respect her tooth selling hustle. Clocking in at the lower end is an Operator for the Matrix at $15,000 (maybe it's time to unionize, guys?). Check the chart to see where your favorite job lines up:

Re: the Pokémon gym leaders — no wonder Misty wanted her bike back. Managing a gym pays a lot less than you'd think! Makes you wonder how those miscreants afforded traveling all over the Poké-place.

As for me, a Hogwarts professor could literally be paid in dirt and I'd be like, "Sign me up, yo." Is this a terrible time to remind everyone that there's an opening for the Muggle Studies position? (Sorry, Charity Burbage. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.)

Images: Courtesy of Adzuna