What's Miss Universe 2014 Doing Now? Paulina Vega Has Been An Outspoken, Positive Force

The title of Miss Universe is prestigious in its own unique way. While Miss Universe is, above all else, a beauty pageant, the winner of the contest doesn't simply win the right to be called "Miss Universe." 2014's Miss Universe, Paulina Vega, from Columbia, has spent the last year working with the Miss Universe Organization to contribute to charitable organizations and act as a humanitarian. Paulina Vega will soon be helping the Miss Universe Organization crown a new Miss Universe for 2015, meaning her year-long reign is at an end, but what exactly did Paulina Vega do as Miss Universe?

According to the organization itself, the winner of Miss Universe is "whisked away to New York City and are prepped for a media tour where they make multiple appearances at media outlets, networks, charitable organizations, sponsor events, etc. The titleholders spend their reign representing their platforms, raising awareness and funds for charitable alliances, and traveling." Vega spent the last year living up to her title, speaking out for a number of causes and raising awareness of universal issues. While Vega is from Columbia and was primarily located in New York for her tenure as Miss Universe, her title took her across the globe, speaking on a variety of topics. Here are a few of the things Vega has done over the past year.

Attended High Profile Sports Events

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It seems that one of the perks of being Miss Universe is an invitation to every major sports event of the year. Since being crowned as Miss Universe, Vega has visited Toronto for the 2015 PANAM games, the U.S. Open, and the Yankees/Astros games at New York Yankee Stadium. While Vega isn't an athlete herself, as a fan it must be nice to have easy access to the most prestigious sporting events in the world.

Raised Awareness For AIDS/HIV


Vega recently dedicated time to assist the Latino Commission on AIDS in raising awareness for World AIDS Day. Vega told the Latino Commission on AIDS:

As Miss Universe 2014, I support knowing your HIV status, and will continue to work on increasing HIV/AIDS awareness by focusing on women's health and their reproductive rights. I am particularly invested in supporting young women and educating them about the continued threat of the HIV & AIDS epidemic

Took Donald Trump Down A Notch

Donald Trump was once one of the primary forces behind Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA (before he sold them). Vega, a native of Colombia, came out against Trump saying that his anti-immigration comments were "hurtful and unfair." Although she was in strong disagreement with Trump, whose tower in New York City housed Vega during her stay as Miss Universe, Vega kept her position as Miss Universe despite her disagreement with its owner.

Attended The Premiere of Pixels

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Now that is charity.

Paulina Vega has had a very busy 2015, and has an unclear 2016 ahead of her as she will be relinquishing her title as Miss Universe to a new woman. Being Miss Universe may seem glamorous, but it essentially requires one to put their life on hold and give themselves over to the whim of the Miss Universe Organization. The fact that Paulina Vega was able to hold the title of Miss Universe and still speak her mind and be honest to herself is a triumph for beauty pageant contestants everywhere. Here's hoping that Vega has a 2016 as equally great — or better — as 2015.