North West Wears Furry Sweater Because She's Such A Trendsetter — PHOTO

Just because she's got a little brother now doesn't mean that this tiny tot is holding back when it comes to style. Although there haven't been any pictures of Saint yet, North West wore an adorable pink fuzzy sweater to keep the social media world busy until the big moment. Sure, there might be a new addition to the family, but North is proving that she's stylish enough to stay in the spotlight.

I'm truly convinced that there's nothing this girl can't wear and look fabulous in. I guess when your aunts are the Kardashian-Jenners, you learn about style earlier than everyone else. In her mom's latest Instagram picture, North rocked the fuzziest sweater that I've ever seen, and it looks to have been inspired by Auntie Kendall Jenner's latest airport outfit. Where Jenner opted for a fuzzy collar and turtleneck with an all-black ensemble, North made the look completely her own.

She wore the over-the-top fuzzy sweater paired with a pink flower choker necklace and sparkly stud earrings that are either real diamonds or very good fakes. Top it all off with a distinct middle part and two french-braided pigtails and you've got one of the best-dressed toddlers out there. Kardashian titled the photo "my little ballerina," but I would dare say she's a little trendsetter before anything else.

This is by no means the first time that North has defined herself as a style star. Each time she steps out into the public, the girl is rocking yet another trend that all the other tots are sure to want to copy. Here are some of her most influential looks yet.

1. The Infamous Tut

North has always known how to make a tutu stand out. The camo jacket really plays on the whole tough versus soft feel.

2. Fuzzy Sweaters

Her recent pink sweater wasn't the only furry frock that she's worn. Maybe Jenner was really just copying her look!

3. Face Paint

She might be too young to start wearing makeup, but her face paint experimenting puts her ahead of the game.

4. Yeezy Boosts

What other toddler has their own pair of Yeezys? While grown adults are hoping to get their hands on the kicks, she's getting her pair personalized.

5. Natural Hair

North is constantly seen rocking her natural hair, which makes her a role model already.

6. Sheer Shirts

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone else is wearing sheer, so she might as well hop on the bandwagon. Oh, and this was after she sat front row at her first Fashion Week.

7. Monochrome

She showed up to her dad's NYFW show in monochrome separates that look comfy and cool all at the same time. What a little trendsetter!

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