Is Kaley Cuoco Dating This 'Arrow' Star?

If you're an Arrow fan, then you know that Quentin Lance and Mama Smoak are heating things up. Well, it looks like Captain Lance is getting some action in real life, too. According to Us Weekly, Kaley Cuoco and Paul Blackthorne are dating. Per a source, "It’s new, but she’s really excited about it." I know, I know. It sounds totally random and, admittedly, I was shocked to hear the rumor. However, believe it or not, the two have something in common.

Both the Big Bang Theory actress and Blackthorne are huge animal lovers. As Cuoco showcases repeatedly on her Instagram, not only does she love her dogs, but animal conservation is extremely important to her. For her 30th birthday, Cuoco visited a wild animal foundation in Mexico. As for the 46-year-old British actor, he supports the conservation of animals by raising money for Air Shepherd through the selling of T-shirts, including one against the poaching of elephants.

Just two weeks ago, Blackthorne promoted another shirt, but this time recognizing rhinos. The shirt reads, "Keep rhinos horny." You know who supported the actor and the rhinos? None other than Cuoco, as you can see below.

That said, none of this means the two are most definitely dating. I mean, Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting announced their divorce just three months ago. That seems pretty quick for someone to start dating again, but what do I know? If Cuoco and Blackthorne aren't showing love to one another, at least animals in need are getting their love.