Yolanda & David Foster's Relationship Wasn't On 'Real Housewives' Often, But When It Was, It Was Adorable

I don't know about you, but I am still reeling from the news of Yolanda and David Foster's breakup. Yes, I don't actually know them and I just have a one-sided relationship with them through television and social media. I know that there were barely on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills together, but the little glimpses that we did get of them as a couple were pretty great. Their relationship was never a focal point of the show and I don't think David was ever really involved in his own story line, but there were still some great times. The cameras captured some nice moments from Yolanda and David Foster's marriage on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . Even if you might not remember them, in these scenes you can definitely feel the love between the former couple and they had us all rooting for them to be together forever.

Never in a million years, did I ever think they would break up! I really thought that these two struck the perfect balance between privacy and cuteness when it came to how much they were willing to share on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but I guess I was wrong. They may not have been a staple of RHOBH, but they still have some nice moments to look back on.

Yolanda & David's First Dinner Party

This was the first time that we really saw these two on the show, and it was honestly really awkward. It was cool and all for David, a renown musician, to be entertaining everyone on the piano, but it got so weird when Taylor Armstrong kept interrupting. This did not sit too well with Yolanda at the time.

Yolanda Cooking In Lingerie

Yolanda went a step beyond cooking her husband a home cooked meal:Sshe cooked her husband a home cooked meal and served it up wearing lingerie. Talk about a hot date.

Yolanda's Naked Picture Book

Yolanda decided to give her husband a book full of naked photos of herself as a gift. That makes sense since the two spent a lot of time apart due to his work and this was a sexy, yet sweet, way for her to show that she cares about him. Ironically, she titled the book "For Your Eyes Only" when we all got to see her photo shoot and some of the pictures in it on the show.

David Playing The Piano While Yolanda Exercised With Brandi

Having a Grammy winner around to play live music is a lot better than listening over a stereo while you work out. Yolanda was lucky to have that option whenever David was home.

Yolanda and David might not have been on the show super often, but whenever they were, I really felt the love between them.

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