These Fun Facts About Wine Will Make You The Savviest Wine And Cheeser On The Block

You might be wondering what fun facts about wine matter more than the ones you already know: that it's delicious, it makes things taste better when you cook with it, it makes you calm and happy, and you love it. A lot. But what you probably don't know is that the oldest bottle is over 1600 years old, the Roman Empire fell apart likely due to lead poisoning via wine bottles, red wine should be had in a glass that's edged slightly inwards (to be able to smell the aroma), Vatican City drinks the most wine in a year, and Plato says it should be allowed in moderation from the ages of 18-30 — but then it's a free-for-all after 40 because it's "rejuvenating" for older people. (Um, how many years until then?)

The boss humans at Mental Floss did us a solid by compiling every fun fact about wine into a cool five-minute video, which is featured below. Thanks to their investigative work, we now know everything we didn't know we didn't know about wine. So even if we're still drinking from the box on our parents' couch this holiday season, at least we can whip out a few fun facts and seem more cultured than we are. After all, how rude is it to not know everything about your one true love in life? Here, a few outstandingly interesting points for you to consume (ehem) and ponder before you hit the bottle tonight. Because if you're the family floozy at this year's holiday party damn if you're not going to be the floozy that's exceptionally well-informed.

In 2004, Two Buck Chuck Won The Top Prize At The 28th Annual International Eastern Wine Competition, Beating Out 2300 Other Wines

Shout out to everyone fighting the good fight for cheap wine all along.

Hippocrates — The Father Of Western Medicine — Recommended Wine For Treatment Of Diarrhea, Lethargy And Labor Pains

I think we should all take this very seriously.

White And Red Wine Are Supposed To Be Served At Different Temperatures

White wine is best at 45-55 degrees. If it's a fuller white wine though, 55-60 degrees is better. Red wine should be at room temperature.

In An Experiment, Not One Of 54 Undergrad Students Studying Winemaking Could Taste The Difference Between White Wine And White Wine Dyed Red

In 2001, 54 undergraduates who were studying wine tasting and wine making at the University of Bordeaux were asked to describe one glass of white wine and one glass of red wine. The glass of red wine was actually white wine dyed red. Not one of them realized they were drinking white wine – they described both as having all the features of red.

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