9 Journals For Book-Lovers To Start The New Year

I just love New Year's Day. It always feels really symbolic to me: a fresh start with new things to do, new people to meet, and (most importantly) new books to read. But my favorite part of all is opening that first empty page of a brand new journal, just waiting for me to spill out all my secrets and dreams.

Journals are the perfect way to immortalize your happiest memories. They’re a lovely way to keep track of all the friends you hung out with, and the amazing sights you saw. You can use them to organize your time or to store your favorite photos. And without a journal, how are you supposed to keep track of all the shiny new novels stacking up in your TBR pile?

I’ve been buying a new diary every New Year since I first learned how to pick up a pencil, and over the years I’ve had colorful ones, flowery ones, cute ones, and fun ones — but my favorites of all have, of course, been book-themed ones.

Now, on January 1, is the time to grab yourself the perfect New Year journal to kick-start your new year in style. And as a seasoned journal-buying veteran, I’ve taken it upon myself to point you in the right direction.

1. Jane Austen 5-Year Journal

Jane-a-Day: 5 Year Journal, $11, Amazon

I love 5-Year journals; they’re such a cute way to keep track of how your life is changing every year. I actually own three of them; the next 15 years of my life are totally taken care of.

2. Oh, The Places I’ve Been! Journal

Oh, the Places I've Been! Journal, $9, Amazon

For the Dr Seuss fan.

3. Reading Journal For Book Lovers

Reading Journal: For Book Lovers, $6, Amazon

Perfect for keeping careful track of everything you read in 2016.

4. Books I’ve Read: A Biblophile's Journal

Books I've Read: A Bibliophile's Journal, $15, Amazon

This journal is absolutely as pretty as a picture.

5. Book Life: A Book Lover's Journal

Book Life: A Book Lover's Journal, $9, Amazon

Not only can you keep track of what you read, this journal also features iconic places for book-lovers to visit.

6. Anne of Avonlea Journal

Anne of Avonlea Journal, $14, Ex Libris Anonymous

Ex Libris have a huge array for handmade journals disguised to look like vintage books; this Anne of Avonlea one is my favorite.

7. Antique Book Journal

Antique Book Journal, $19, Think Geek

This journals look like you mean serious business. Shakespeare probably wrote in something like this.

8. Writer’s Block Journal

Writer's Block Journal, $12, Amazon

For writers who can’t resist a good pun.

9. Books To Check Out Journal

Books to Check Out Journal, $9, Amazon

And my personal favorite, this library-themed play on words.

Image: Pixabay