8 Makeup Hacks To Take A Look From Casual To Formal

It's an age-old-dilemma: You've worked all day and now have a night out ahead of you, but you have zero time to go home and get ready. If this sounds familiar, I have some good news. There are actually a ton of day-to-evening makeup hacks that can virtually erase this problem from your life.

I used to work in an industry where I was expected to take clients out at least once, if not twice a week, and this almost always meant that I had to somehow pull myself together after what was usually a super stressful 10-hour day. I learned pretty quickly that my hair and makeup — so carefully done that morning — was no match for a full day of running around the office, constant face-touching (a particularly bad habit of mine), and just the general wear and tear of an average day.

However, I also didn't want to have to haul an entire bag of makeup to work with me every time I needed to freshen up and amp up my look, nor did I want to keep doubles of everything I owned in my desk drawer. Thus, I quickly became versed in a few solid hacks for taking your makeup from day-to-evening — that won't entail an hour at the bathroom mirror.

If you're struggling with this issue, here are seven of my top tips.

1. Amplify Your Eye Makeup


In an article on easy day-to-night makeup tips on POPSUGAR, makeup expert and YouTuber Jackie Aina recommended amping up your eye makeup just before going out. "There’s something decidedly glamorous about winged eyeliner, but if a heavy eye is not something you’d wear to the office, just use a brown pencil to create a thin and angled line at the corner of your eye," she said. "Come event time, trace over the pencil line with a black liquid or gel liner for an instant cat eye. Having the pencil liner there to act as a stencil will save you major time."

2. Go With A Bold Lip

Nyx Cosmetics Matte Lipstick Pure Red, $5.99, Ulta.com

Aina also suggested simply applying a bold red or pink lip shade before an evening out, "especially if you typically keep your lips bare during the day." Keep a bold lip shade in your desk specifically for this purpose.

3. Touch Up The Water Line

Stephanie Lange on YouTube

In a roundup piece for Babble.com, makeup artist Elaina Badro said to make sure you apply black eye liner to your water line. "This will instantly add a little drama to the eye for your night out. Apply a dark brown or black shadow and use the smudger brush underneath bottom lashes for a soft smokey look," she said.

4. Apply Some Shimmer

Howcast on YouTube

In the same piece, makeup artist Lori Leib recommended highlighting a few key areas of the face. "Apply a shimmering highlighter to the cheekbones – this is a quick way to get a goddess glow," she said.

5. Start With An Updo

Keeping our hair looking perfect all day for an evening event is kind of impossible. It's just never going to look exactly like it did when you blew it out before work. That's why legendary hairstylist Oribe just recommended throwing your hair up into a casual bun or knot in the morning in an article for Cosmopolitan. When you take down your hair at the end of the day, it will have great waves and natural volume for an evening out.

6. Don't Forget The Perfume

Chloe Rollerball, $28, Sephora.com

This is a personal tip: Nothing gives you that extra little psychological boost like a spritz of perfume before going out for an evening. I recommend investing in a rollerball of your favorite scent and keeping it in your purse for just these occasions.

7. Keep Makeup Remover Wipes Handy

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes, $4.39, Pharmapacks.com

In an article for Total Beauty, makeup artist Raychel Wade suggested keeping makeup remover wipes on hand. That way if you have any eye liner of mascara application mishaps it will be a super quick fix and won't cause you to run late or feel self-conscious.

Transitioning your makeup from day to evening shouldn't have to take too long and should never feel like a hassle. Just make sure you have a few super basic products and you'll be ready to go in minutes.

Images: Sonya Benham/Flickr; Giphy (1)