9 Green Smoky Eye Tutorials To Make Your Holiday Makeup Look More Festive — PHOTOS

Green is a totally underrated color in the makeup world. It compliments every skin and eye color and is the perfect, festive color for the holidays, especially if you're tired of the same old red lipstick and black eyeliner look. Here are the best green smoky eye tutorials to gain some inspiration from and to follow if you're looking to make your look a little more festive this season.

Green can be an intimidating color, but if you're brave enough to try it, it's worth it. Some might be surprised to learn that greens can fall in the neutral shade category, and also compliments all skin tones. If you're pale, you'll want to stay away from dark greens, and if you're medium to dark, you might want to avoid lighter hues. To avoid looking like a total elf, incorporate a brown or black liner or other complimentary non-green colors to line your smoky eye.

A totally monochromatic eye might look a bit like you've contracted some sort of infection, which is not what you're likely going for. But if you choose the right green for your color and mix it up with complimentary tones, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous green can be. Dark, warm skin tones will find that a dab of gold in the middle of the lid is a perfect compliment to green, while pale and fairer skin tones can use green for a toned-down version of the black-and-gray smoky eye.

Here are my favorite green smoky eye tutorials to try this holiday season.

1. Olive Green Smoky Eye

Manny Mua on YouTube

I love how artist Manny MUA warms up the face with a light bronzer and rocks a nude lip with this look. You can use a soft brown lipstick or a dark, vampy purple.

2. Green For Pale Skin

LustreLux on YouTube

Metallic, cream shadows are perfect for this look. It's a bit edgy, but bright and sparkly for the holidays.

3. Emerald With A Double-Winged Black Liner

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

A little purple in the crease takes this cool-toned green eye look to another level. It's perfect for a holiday party, date, or night out with friends.

4. Brownish Green With Drugstore Products

Casey Holmes on YouTube

The drugstore-filled tutorial has a wide range of green products, with metallic, cream, and matte formulations. In case you didn't already know, NYX is a super affordable brand with great color payoff.

5. Green For Dark Skin

BeautybyLee on YouTube

Green shadows and brown eyes go together beautifully. Dark green hues can play up the warmth in darker-toned skin by blending browns, golds, or purples with the green.

6. Green For Tawny Skin

Vivian Tran on YouTube

Green blends beautifully into the golden tones of tawny skin. To make sure the color is intense enough to show up when the eyes are open, go back and forth over the lid in windshield wiper motions until the green pops.

7. Dramatic Blue Green

easyNeon on YouTube

If green makes you nervous, remember you can blend colors together to create your own unique eye. Layer greens and blues together to create an aqua eye.

8. Metallic Green

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

If you want to use extra sparkly shadows or pigments but don't have shadow glue handy, just spray your eyeshadow brush with a setting spray. A slightly damp brush will grab shadow more easily and transfer product better.

9. Green For Medium Skin

Nicole Guerriero on YouTube

Buff a bright green out with a warm, medium brown shadow for a wearable look.

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Image: Jaclyn Hill/YouTube