This 'Sorry App' Might Just Be The Thing To Get Women To Stop Saying "Sorry"

It was all the rage this summer: Pointing out all of the ways that women could alter the way they talk. Listen, I think the initial conversation was a well-intentioned one, but the onslaught of op-eds and advice columns around the topic started to feel pretty overwhelming. If you ask me, it all turned into something else entirely — something more akin to an attack on women, not an attempt to help them. While it's true that women have been conditioned to apologize more than men and that the majority of little things women say sorry for all the time actually don't need an apology, a problem also begins to arise when men are the ones telling women this. While it's true that women shouldn't feel the need to apologize for things that don't, well, actually need an apology, this should be a personal decision for empowering reasons — not because someone else said we shouldn't. Responding this tidal wave of talk about women changing the way they speak, the creative geniuses over at the PYPO Network — a new platform for women in comedy — created this hilarious and perfectly-timed video showing two businessmen trying to sell a groundbreaking new app that will help women stop apologizing so much: The Sorry App.

Even better, in addition to being hilariously on point, it actually highlights just how harmful it is to have a bunch of men policing the way women speak. The last thing that women need is for other people to correct them, or to be in any way “punished” for the way that they speak.

Here’s another idea: How about we stop policing the way women do anything, once and for all? As the video clearly points out, the world is not criticizing men for the way they talk in a professional capacity — why should it be any different for women?

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Image: PYPO Network/YouTube