A Familiar Face Is Checking Into 'AHS: Hotel'

There's no denying that Wednesday night's AHS: Hotel episode "She Wants Revenge" gave us a lot to think about throughout the holiday season. The Countess and Donovan were both murdered by Iris and Liz while the tune of "Hotline Bling" played on in the background. (That's how I would like to eventually go as well FYI.) And Sally is feeling more murder-y than ever before now that John's left her to go back to his family. (Sometimes serial killers are just so thoughtless.) However, the most important takeaway, for me, came during the promo for the show's Jan. 6 episode. Why, you may ask? Because it featured the return of a very familiar and beloved face. That's right, my friends — Gabourey Sidibe is checking into AHS: Hotel and I could not be more excited.

Did we know that this was happening? Because, if so, I completely blanked on it. I knew that Sarah Paulson would be reprising her role as Billie Dean Howard from Murder House , but I think Gabby's guest star appearance has somehow managed to be kept under wraps. Either way, this was pretty much the best Christmas gift I could've been given. (Thanks Santa!) But that still leaves us with a very important question to consider: who exactly will Gabby be playing? We've known her as Queenie and Regina Ross in Coven and Freak Show, respectively. However, her newest portrayal remains a bit of a mystery. IMDB doesn't even have her listed in any upcoming episodes.

But there's no mistaking that face in the promo. She's back and ready to make a reservation at the Hotel Cortez. And everyone on Twitter is just as excited as I am:

Let's just hope she doesn't meet the same fate as most of the characters on this show. After all, just because you check into the Cortez, doesn't mean that you'll always get to check out...

Is it January 6 yet?

Image: screengrab/YouTube