Beard Baubles, Ornaments For Beards, Are The Future Of Christmas Fashion

If you're looking for last minute Christmas gifts for the bearded bro in your life, Beard Baubles' ornaments for beards are exactly what you need. For just seven pounds, you can buy yourself or the Ron Swanson in your life enough mini-Christmas decorations to turn his beard into a jingle beard in time for the holidays. Before you go writing Beard Baubles off as frivolous, they've actually partnered with Beard Season, a not-for-profit organization that raises awareness about skin cancer in Australia (where the sun is more dangerous than any snake or spider you've heard of). All profits from the sale of Beard Baubles goes to melanoma research, so not only will you be beard-jazzling your favorite guy, you'll also be doing a good deed for the world when you purchase Beard Baubles.

Beard Baubles have been popular since they first started production in 2014, selling out of their first round of packets in the first 48 hours. Since then, lots of copy cats have popped up, but there's only one original Beard Baubles, who also happen to be the only ones creating jingle beards for a good cause. And if you're a girl or a woman who's now feeling, for the first time ever, disappointment in not having a beard, I'm pretty sure you could hang these pretty baubles in your hair and front like it's 2003. Here's how the Beard Baubles look when worn:

1. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa's Baubles

2. All I Want For Christmas Is Beard

3. Rockin' Around The Christmas Beard

4. Rudolph The Bauble Coated Doggy

5. Kitty Baby

If you're in the UK, you're in luck, as Beard Baubles are still shipping to you for Christmas. But the blokes behind these jingle beards aren't leaving their international bros in the lurch either. They've provided this handy video tutorial for making your own Beard Baubles. Enjoy!

Photos: Courtesy of Beard Baubles (4); Beard Baubles/Instagram (2)