How To Prevent Eyeshadow From Falling Off So Your Makeup Stays On All Day (Or Night!) Long — PHOTOS

Here's the scene: You step back after totally nailing that smokey eye to admire your work when you notice some black dust on the tops of your cheeks. You try to wipe it away, but it just smears across your cheekbones instead. There has to be a better way to fix eyeshadow fallout, because NFL player was not the look you were going for. Turns out, in addition to a couple of techniques to reduce the amount of fallout you have, there are actually five relatively simple ways to prevent and correct fallout so it doesn't ruin your look.

Even if fallout is inevitable, there are still a couple of approaches when applying eyeshadow that may reduce the amount. The first is to always tap off excess shadow from your brush before sweeping it across your eyelids. Whatever pigment flies off of your brush is pigment that could have ended up on your cheeks. Another way to make sure eyeshadow will better transfer from your brush to your lid is to spritz the brush with a bit of water or facial mist. The water will not only help prevent pigment from falling, but it will also make your eyeshadow appear more intense. If you use these techniques and still experience fallout though, no worries. Here are five ways to keep eyeshadow in its place:

1. Apply Eyeshadow First

If you're really worried about fallout ruining your face makeup, just switch up the order you apply. Instead of foundation, apply your eyeshadow first. This way, any fallout can be easily wiped away without disturbing your other makeup.

2. Use Eye Gels

If you want to make cleanup even easier, go ahead and slap on some eye masks while you apply eyeshadow. Fallout will land on the patches, and when you're done with your eyes, just simply peel off the masks. Plus, this multi-tasking solution will also prep your under-eyes for foundation and concealer to go on more smoothly.

3. Try Baking

If you like to bake or cook your under-eye concealer, go ahead and apply eyeshadow during this step. Any fallout that lands on the excess powder under your eyes can be easily swept away without leaving behind any streaks. Plus, baking will leave your concealer looking flawless.

4. Opt For A Fan Brush

If you do happen to have some fallout after applying foundation and concealer, a small, loosely-packed fan brush will do the trick. Because these types of brushes are generally not as dense as other powder brushes, they will help sweep away fallout instead of smearing it into the skin.

5. Use Tape

Don't have a fan brush, or prefer something a little more surgical? Just reach for the tape (or sticky flags if you prefer). Gently press the sticky side against any fallout on your cheeks. It should lift away the stray shadow without affecting your foundation.

So go ahead and use your most glittery, blackest shadows. Fallout is no match for you.

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