Ezra Fitz From 'Pretty Little Liars' Vs. Fitz From 'Scandal': Which Fitz Came Out On Top In 2015?

As the end of another year comes to a close, it inspires me to look back on some of my favorite TV show characters and reflect on the direction their life has taken. (I mean, I guess I could do the grown up thing and reflect on my own life, but where's the fun in that?) And it may surprise you to realize that some of these characters have more in common than you'd think. Take, for example, Pretty Little Liars ' Ezra Fitz and Scandal 's Fitzgerald Grant. Aside from the fact that they obviously share the name Fitz, you wouldn't think these two would be able to compare to each other in any other way. But you would be wrong in that assumption.

Due to the fact that I love both of these shows and TV is pretty much my life (no judgements please), I've taken the liberty of examining how both of these Fitz's fared in 2015. From abductions to heartbreak and everything in-between, these two guys faced a rollercoaster ride of a year, that's for sure. But hey, you don' just have to take my word for it. Check out my little comparison breakdown below and decide for yourself which Fitz came out on top in 2015. I suppose you could call it: Survival of the Fitz-iest. (Get it?)

Putting The "A" In Abductor

Scandal Fitz: Girlfriend was kidnapped and held in a bunker for ransom.

PLL Fitz: Girlfriend was kidnapped and held in a dollhouse for fun.

Love Lost & Found & Lost Again

Scandal Fitz: After years of hiding their affair and on-again, off-again romantic trysts, Olivia and Fitz finally made their relationship public to the world. However, it turned out to have anything but a fairytale ending. Fitz became controlling and tried to make Liv into someone she's not. The two of them ended things on not-so-great terms.

PLL Fitz: Not wanting to hold her back from the college experience, Aria and Ezra mutually agree that it would be for the best if they break up (at least for the time being) and see where life takes them.


Scandal Fitz: Tries to buy Olivia's freedom from her kidnappers.

PLL Fitz: Buys The Brew. (He took over ownership of the Rosewood coffee shop soon after he quit teaching.) It's not quite the same as running a country, but still an important turn in his life nonetheless.


Scandal Fitz: Has a perpetual drinking problem.

PLL Fitz: Is apparently about to have a drinking problem. (And I'm not talking about coffee.)

Style Game

Scandal Fitz: Still as strong as ever.

PLL Fitz: A little non-existent these days. (The Brew doesn't exactly require formal attire.) I must admit, though, that I'm really digging the scruff.

Like I said, it's been a rough year for the Fitz community. Here's to a better 2016!

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC; ABC Family; prettylittleliars/Tumblr (3); uberscandalous/Tumblr; Giphy