How To Wear Your Brightest Prints In Winter & Stand Out In A Sea Of Neutrals — PHOTOS

Winter time might cause the sky to turn gray, but that doesn't mean you can't rock bursts of color all season long. I'm pumped to reveal how to wear your brightest prints in winter because you should never feel like they have to hide in your closet until spring. Time to channel your inner '90s Lisa Frank vibes.

Walking around in Manhattan, it can be easy to think there's some sort of wardrobe requirement that you have to wear black. I say this is complete crap. I love black on black monochrome outfits, but sometimes a girl just needs a burst of color, am I right?!

In fact, there's another health-related reason you should be reaching for bright prints this season. If you struggle with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), PsychCentral shared that wearing bright clothing can actually help boost your mood and ward off the winter blues. Who knew retail therapy was a such a legit thing?

The most important part about wearing your brightest prints in a season where most people are dressing a little darker is to just step out the door with confidence. Have fun, smile at your bright prints, and let the looks below inspire you!

Printed Pants + Solid Cardigan

Keep bright pants balanced with a straightforward cardigan.

Printed Pants

Printed Pants, $69.90, Zara

How breezy and fresh does that aqua hue look?

Solid Cardigan

Powerwash Cardigan, $18, American Apparel

Clean and classic, a solid cardigan will pair with any printed pants.

Printed Skirt + Printed Shirt

Sometimes you just gotta pair a bright print with another bright print for the epitome of eclectic chic.

Printed Skirt

Ankara Tea Skirt, $55, AdrinkaExpo

How stunning is this Ankara skirt?

Printed Shirt

Mono Check Shirt, $50.16, Asos

Seriously, do not fear mixing prints with prints. You'll be amazed with the results when it works.

Printed Leggings + Oversized Sweater

Go bold or go home with your legging looks!

Luxtreme Tights, $108, LuluLemon

The more neon, the better.

Oversized Turtleneck, $85, American Apparel

Since super bright leggings are pretty intense, it's wise to balance it with a more neutral tone.

Printed Dress + Denim Jacket

Denim jackets were practically made to highlight bright prints.

Printed Shift Dress, $47, Alice & You

This shift is bursting neon pastel hues.

Denim Jacket, $71.66, Asos

Stylish always, you'll reach for this jacket over and over.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands