Cami Can't Leave 'The Originals'

When you spend a lot of time watching shows like The Originals and its predecessor The Vampire Diaries, you become accustomed to a few things: characters with superpowers (but only used when the occasion calls for it), complicated love stories, and an excess of blood and gore (I mean, a go-to move on both shows is reaching into someone's chest and literally ripping out their heart). With all of that violence, death is a pretty normal occurrence. Especially when the lead of the show is Klaus Mikaelson, who's made a name for himself killing everyone in sight. Lately, though, things have felt quiet in New Orleans without Klaus committing murder — but that's all changed now that Camille was murdered, causing the question of if Cami will stay on The Originals to be sadly up in the air.

The developing Cami/Klaus relationship made the violent end to the show's midseason finale that much more surprising. Still, seeing Klaus and Cami kiss and then settle in for a (strangely chaste) snuggle and nap should have thrown any longtime fan into a panic. Things were too good, and it all came to a sad conclusion thanks to Aurora, who, to everyone's horror, slit Cami's throat.

Don't bust out the tissues yet, though, because I'm betting big that Cami is now a vampire. As much as the show loves to kill smaller side characters, they rarely get rid of any of the main cast, of which Cami is definitely part. All of the Mikaelsons have been killed and resurrected many times, over numerous centuries. At the end of Season 1, it looked like Hayley was gone for good, until she came back to life as a hybrid. Not only does the show have a track record of keeping its leads, it has a wide variety of methods to bring people back/hold onto their spirits. There are also a lot of dangling threads with Klaus and Cami, and I just cannot see them ending things so suddenly.

Since the show does have so many magical offerings at their disposal, it is feasible that Cami could be brought back as a human through some kind of witchcraft, but it seems pretty late in the game for that. She looked pretty dead when Klaus came to, and if I'm remembering my Bennett-witch lessons properly, it's pretty tricky to bring people back after that. Even if they could somehow resurrect her, I don't think we've seen the end of Aurora's plan yet.

Aurora has been furious over Klaus loving Cami, and is obsessed with the fact that he sees her as pure and good. The entire time she had her captive, she was working to discover Cami's dark underside, and what would make Cami darker and less noble than if she became a bloodthirsty vampire? That was a fate Klaus didn't want for Aurora and it was what fractured their relationship (well, that and some Elijah compelling). I think Aurora wanted Cami alive, but changed from the woman Klaus loved. Twisted, but it could be accurate.

Who knows what Cami will actually be like as a vampire (probably not that bad, I'm guessing) but one thing is certain: she and Klaus aren't done yet.

Images: Annette Brown/The CW (2)