'90s Kids Guess '90s Theme Songs In The Ultimate Challenge To Their Nostalgic Memories — VIDEO

Because the '90s continues to be the best decade that ever happened, anything that acts as a nostalgia trip is a total win. And NWB Trending completely understands the enduring love for '90s television that we all share, which is why they invited a group of people to guess which '90s theme tune they were listening to. This turned out to be the ultimate test of memory and coolness, the perfect evaluator of your '90s street cred, because if you can't guess which Nickelodeon show's theme you're listening to then can you really call yourself a '90s kid? The video will make you reminisce about all your favorite shows from the '90s, but will also make you wonder if you could get all the answers right if someone set the challenge to you instead.

While some '90s shows continue to stay alive and well in the memories of people everywhere, there are other TV shows which were once watched religiously but, for whatever reason, are all but forgotten now. Which is why it's so interesting to see a group of people trying to guess which TV show each theme tune belonged to, and, in turn, seeing if they even remember that show at all. This video is a major blast from the past, and will give you nostalgic feels in the best way. It's also time to ask yourself if you'd have guessed all the answers right first time. So which shows should you brush up on?

1. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

A show and a theme tune that gave every '90s kid nightmares.

2. Clarissa Explains It All

This show is still total classic, which makes it crazy that so many people struggle to guess it.

3. Doug

No one forgot Doug, did they?

4. Salute Your Shorts

Salute Your Shorts may have been short lived, but the theme song will give you all sorts of Summer Camp flashbacks.

5. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

This show is still a classic, and will always be. In fact, I need to rewatch it immediately.

Watch the full video from NWB Trending below, and relive that '90s magic.

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Images: Viacom Media Networks; NWB Trending/YouTube