America's Favorite Christmas Movies By Region

For those who celebrate Christmas, it's about time to start packing and trekking across the country for holiday celebrations with friends and family. Sometimes, going home can be a culture shock, but just as often you'll find that some things never change no matter where you are. Perhaps you'll feel comforted knowing which Christmas movies are popular in different regions of the United States and how it might line up with your own favorite holiday movie. I mean, you may live in a big city now, but your hometown might share your love of A Christmas Story so everything can't be that bad, right? This map will tell you what's getting the most play in different parts of the nation.

iQuanti, adata-driven digital marketing company, pulled data for Bustle that analyzed top Internet searches from 2013-2014, then assigned said data to these 10 United States regions to find out which regions were searching which films. The results are actually pretty streamlined, when you look at it. It's a little bit surprising. There's no love for Love Actually, or some of my favorites like The Holiday, A Christmas Carol, or Miracle On 34th Street. Those fans must be scattered wide and far. We've all sort of settled on a few national favorites. Do you think this accurately represents where you're from, or where you live now? Check out what made the cut.

Wow, so a lot of you check out that TBS marathon, huh? I suppose it makes sense that the majority of the continental United States goes for the nostalgic, midwestern charm of A Christmas Story. Not sure what that says about the gun debate, though. I'm also not sure why the Atlantic region (encompassing New York and New Jersey) are so into Home Alone. Maybe we're all hipster John Hughes fans at heart. The regions that stand up for Elf are the most interesting, especially because in my estimation the 2003 film is one of the more recent classics. Is there something hip and modern about New England and the Pacific? Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel are from California, so I'm sure that helps. But, whether or not your regional favorite lines up with your actual favorite, no one can deny that it's interesting to see what America thinks, and America realllly seems into giving Internet love to A Christmas Story.

Images: Mary Rabun/Bustle; MGM/UA Entertainment Co.