Sophia Bush, Mariska Hargitay Will Work Together On Bizarre TV Crossover

When I was an itty-bitty freshman in college, my best friend and I would watch Law & Order: SVU religiously. We even used to fall asleep to it so often that we’d frequently have nightmares that we could share with each other the next morning. Plus, despite the social suicide I might get from saying this, I definitely set my ringtone to the show’s theme song for a month… or longer. So, you can probably guess that when I learned that NBC’s Chicago PD is going to feature a crossover with Law & Order: SVU , I practically peed my pants with excitement.

I freakin’ love when shows do this, because it makes them seem more realistic. It’s kind of like that time The Flintstones met The Jetsons, and you were like whoa, mind blown. Sophia Bush, star from Chicago PD will be making her way to New York to film a scene with Law & Order: SVU badass (and my idol) Mariska Hargitay. Similarly, Ice-T and Kelli Giddish’s characters, Fin Tutuola and Amanda Rollins, will travel to Chicago.

Bush gushed over having the chance to work with the stars from SVU, stating that it felt like her birthday. Hellz yeah, I agree. She continued by explaining how the storyline between the two shows would work. “We have a case that we need a little bit of help with that began in New York City,” she said. “And we’re now finding the M.O. in Chicago. SVU was investigating it when he was up there and now it’s on our hands.”

The SVU episode will air Wednesday, Feb. 26 and will be followed by the PD episode. At the Television Critics Association winter previews, executive producer of both shows, Dick Wolf, said that fans would be in for an even bigger surprise later on. “There’s going to be a major crossover at the end of the season,” Wolf said. “A story that is so big that it involves everybody, and that is going to be really interesting because it does feature that seamless integration that I would love to pull off with these two shows.” Guys, I don’t know about you, but drinks and SVU at my house.