Bustle's New Internet Culture Podcast Is Here!

Hello, happy humans, and welcome to "The Chat Room," Bustle's latest podcast on pop culture and what it's like being a lady surfing on the waves of this great wide interwebz. Join us as we talk about the Very Important Questions In Life, including and not limited to: How many XOXOs at the end of your AIM SN in 1998 was too many XOXOs? How would Wonder Woman deal with a manspreader on her commute? Were you sorted in the right Hogwarts House, or are you unconsciously living a lie? What will our great great great grandchildren think when they cyber-stalk us and realize that we more than once stooped to becoming our own eleventh like?

Every week, senior multimedia editor Rosanne Salvatore and associate web culture editor Emma Lord will delve into these hard-hitting issues, as we explore everything from what's happening on the Internet in the here and now to the things that got our flared jeans in a bunch back in the '90s. You'll laugh, you'll cry — OK, you probably won't cry, I made that up, but you will definitely see a lot of modern day phenomenons and shenanigans in a new light.

On the very first episode of this podcast, we talk about two things very near and dear to our hearts: the experience of being a woman in fandom, and today's release of the epic seventh installment of Star Wars. We are joined by entertainment editor Kelsea Stahler, whose love for this epic space opera rivals most people's love for oxygen. No worries, this episode is spoiler free! May the Force be with us all.

You can check out future episodes of “The Chat Room” on Bustle’s SoundCloud page. Special thanks to producers Anna Parsons and Noel Howard for putting this together.

Image: Caroline Goddess Wurtzel/Bustle