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Associate Web Culture Editor at Bustle. Emma is a Hufflepuff, cupcake addict, and parmesan cheese enthusiast living in New York. Mindy Kaling is her religion.

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I Gave Up Online Shopping For A Month

If my bank account were sentient, it would shake its fist and rue the day I figured out how to use Google wallet to autofill my credit card information for online purchases. One flick of a button, and bam — auto-filled address, auto-filled credit card, and 30 fewer seconds for me to squint at an online purchase and think, "Huh, do I really need a sixth piece of Hufflepuff paraphernalia in my adult closet?" (I mean, yes, but that's an essay for another day.) I'd gotten so used to the ease of it t…

By Emma Lord

Facebook Stories Are Hitting Your Phone Today

Joining Snapchat and Instagram Stories on the ephemeral life updates playground, Facebook Stories launches today, marking a historic shift for the way people can optimize their Facebook usage. The new camera feature offers two different ways to express your bad self: first, you can add Facebook camera effects similar to Snapchat's filters, which can add face-detecting masks, interactive art, and frames to your images of yourself. Second, you can upload these images and other pictures and videos …

By Emma Lord

Today Marks The First Muslim Women's Day

Women's History Month may be drawing to a close, but there is plenty left to celebrate — Monday, March 27 marks the first Muslim Women's Day, a day of celebration and recognition of Muslim women. Throughout the course of the day, MuslimGirl.com is teaming up with websites and social media outlets to elevate the voices of Muslim women everywhere, giving them a platform to share their stories and inspiring others to participate in this day of honoring strong, diverse Muslim women of all different …

By Emma Lord

37 Bachelorette Party Ideas Without Alcohol

Twitter's Pulling Out Jokes About The ACHA Bill Are Gold

Kicking us off into what is bound to be a gloriously snarky weekend are approximately infinity memes about what just happened in the House floor in Congress on Friday, but none are quite as iconic as the pulling out and abortion jokes about the ACHA bill after it was withdrawn by the GOP. The legislation was minutes away from a vote on the bill when it was unexpectedly pulled, with the Associated Press reporting that House Republicans were short on votes to make it pass. The bill, which was inte…

By Emma Lord

Uh, Gchat Is Canceled Forever Starting In June

Proving that 2017 truly has no mercy on the good, Google is discontinuing Gchat, effective this June. While Google Hangouts will remain in tack, its predecessor, the medium that eased you out of AIM and into adulthood, will cease to exist after 12 long years of sustaining workplace gossip, creating mild existential crises every time it accidentally went offline, and prompting not-so-covert "I KNOW, RIGHT???" glances between coworkers in crowded open air offices. How exactly will this affect you…

By Emma Lord

Fan Have Some Ideas About Han Solo's Real Name

In case you didn't feel the disturbance rippling through the Force yesterday, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced in a Q&A about the upcoming Han Solo prequel that the beloved character's name isn't actually Han Solo. So, um, the next logical question to shout out the 11th story window of your office building in the middle of the day is, "What is Han Solo's real name????" But alas, the odds of us finding out that information before the film's May 25, 2018 release date are slim to none, barring some ra…

By Emma Lord

The New Beast Is Inarguably A Hipster

The opening narration of Beauty and the Beast presents us with a question as old as time: But who could ever learn to love a Beast? Trouble was, that question was never answered — because what was supposed to be a "beast" was clearly the collective manifestation of every hipster you'd ever dated, minus, like, one pair of thick-rimmed glasses, and Arcade Fire on vinyl (but to be fair, there wasn't much of that happening in the 1800s yet, so I've heard). I mean, I'm not complaining. It makes it …

By Emma Lord

How To Save Your Instagram Live Videos

Since the introduction of Instagram Stories to the popular image-sharing app, Instagram has added all sorts of fun additions to keep the experience fresh, including stickers, geotags, and live videos. On Monday, the app added one more perk to the Stories feature. If you're one of many users who has wondered how to save live Instagram videos and wept at the worlds you had lost upon realizing you could not, excellent news: you can now preserve your live videos and relive your own shenanigans until…

By Emma Lord

A Woman Proposed With A Doritos Bouquet

This is probably the 800th time this year I've threatened to move to Canada, but this is the instance I have meant it the most. A woman proposed to her boyfriend with a bouquet of Doritos, and if that doesn't warm your Spicy Nacho heart, then I don't know what will. Amanda Mussio, the mastermind behind this cheesy plan, didn't just propose to Brandon Haubrich in style, but let everyone else in on the fun, too — this epic proposal took place in the middle of a Vancouver Canucks game on March 16, …

By Emma Lord