9 Holiday Cards For Fashion & Beauty Lovers

I'm all for the convenience of e-cards and personalized picstitches, but there's truly nothing like receiving a card in the mail, whether it's for your birthday, a thank you, or to celebrate something. This season, check out these holiday cards for fashion and beauty lovers that'll definitely separate you from the rest. Anyone can send a card with snowmen (though, that's still incredibly cute), but can anyone find the perfect chic card that can even double as decor when hung up? I say no.

I know I've reached "adulthood" (I put this in quotes because really, I still don't know what the hell I'm doing) when I spend more time Googling "chic holiday cards" than "holiday jello shots" (who am I kidding, I still searched that like last week). My family has had a tradition of sending a family photo to our family friends, but I wanted to get started on the tradition of sending something personal to those closest to me.

So in an effort to get my sh*t together (maybe like, learning how to file my taxes properly or set up my 401k rollover would be the better option, but that'll come eventually), I was on the hunt for the perfect set of cards. While I can't exactly afford to get everyone gifts, cards are a much cheaper alternative, and still lets people know you're thinking about them. At least I like to think so. Someone out there is probably calling me out for being a cheapo as I write this.

If you're looking to join the girl-on-a-budget team with me, check out some of my favorite fashion and beauty-related holiday cards to send out this year.

1. Leggy

Punkpost By Bridget M. Sidden, price varies,

I mean, I want to ask where this 2-D figure got her shoes from...

2. GOT Spin

Fashion Game of Thrones Funny Card, $5,

If this doesn't make you LOL, who are you? Do you have a soul?

3. Bundle Up!

Dahlia Press Holiday Clothing Assorted Letterpress Greeting Cards, $16,

Sweaters, mittens, stockings — you name it, this pack has all your holiday clothing embossed.

4. Pretty Mittens

Dear Hancock Gift Exchange, $4.50,

Beautiful wrapping, even more beautiful mittens.

5. Santa Baby

Illustrated Holiday Cards: Fashion Illustration "Merry Christmas Little Red Dress" By Emily Brickel, $3,

"Santa baby / Forgot to mention one little thing / A ring / I don't mean on the phone..."

6. Kiss, Kiss

Pop Art Pink Lips Makeup Greeting Card, $3.50,

Plus, these can double up as "thinking of you" cards, too.

7. The Fashionable Skiier

Fashion Greeting Card, $3.95,

Let's be real, though: This outfit is TOO cute to ski in.

8. Sass Queen

Makeup Lover Christmas Card, $4.58,

Can't get over how glam this card is.

9. For The Love Of Separates

Diamond Donatello Bey Merry Holiday Card, $2.99,

Bey's outfit, hair, and brows are all on point.

This holiday season, get in the Oprah spirit — You get one, and you get one, and you get one! Impress your fellow beauty and fashion besties, and give them a hearty laugh, too!

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Image: Courtesy of brands