29 Great Quotes From 'The Force Awakens'

by Rachel Simon

Happy Star Wars day, everyone! After what feels like an eternity of waiting, J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally here, and fans couldn't be more excited. Reviews for the film have been nothing but positive, and as someone who's seen it, I can personally attest that Episode VII is a hugely satisfying piece of entertainment. Between the throwbacks to the original series, the introduction of great new characters (nice to meet you, BB-8), and, of course, all the amazing Star Wars: Force Awakens quotes that will now be repeated by viewers for the next well, forever, the new film is everything fans could ever have asked for.

Because whether you're a hardcore Star Wars nerd or a newbie to the franchise, there's no possible way you can walk out of The Force Awakens without a smile on your face. It's just such an entertaining film, thanks in large part to the great dialogue created by Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan, and Michael Arndt. The 29 great Force Awake ns quotes below show just how good this movie is at balancing humor and heartbreak, just like the very best Star Wars films. Obviously, spoilers ahead!

1. "Without The Jedi, There Can Be No Balance In The Force."

At the beginning of the film, Lor San Tekka (Max von Sydow) says this to Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), setting the tone for the rest of the film.

2. Everything BB-8 Says, Ever

We viewers may not understand him, but it's clear his words are not to be missed.

3. "The Resistance Will Not Be Intimidated."

Poe tries his hardest not to give in to the powerful Kylo Ren (Adam Driver).

4. "Why Are You Helping Me?" "Because It's The Right Thing To Do." "...You Need A Pilot." "I Need A Pilot."

Poe and Finn (John Boyega) waste no time in getting right to the point.

5. "Luke Skywalker? I Thought He Was A Myth."

Rey (Daisy Ridley) is awed that Luke (Mark Hamill) might actually exist.

6. "Stop Taking My Hand!"

Sorry, Finn — Rey is just not that into you (yet).

7. "Why Does Everyone Want To Go Back To Jakku?!"

Finn asks a good question, considering that every time he goes back to the planet, he's nearly killed.

8. "Chewie, We're Home."

As heard in the trailer, this line, from Han (who else?) will bring out all the nostalgia.

9. "You're Han Solo?" "I Used To Be."

When Rey and Finn meet Han, they're a bit shell-shocked, to say the least.

10. "I've Got A Bad Feeling About This."

Han brings this iconic line back with a bang.

11. "Is That Possible?" "I Never Ask That Question Until After We've Done It."

Han teaches Rey how true rebels act.

12. "The Droid You Seek Is Aboard The Millennium Falcon In The Hands Of My Father, Han Solo."

Talking to Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis), Kylo Ren drops a major truth bomb about his origins.

13. "Women Always Figure Out The Truth. Always."

Meanwhile, Han gives a secret-hiding Finn his own lesson in honesty.

14. "Show Me Again, Grandfather, And I Will Finish What You Started."

A conflicted Kylo talks out his feelings to the spirit of his late grandfather, Darth Vader, in the form of his iconic helmet.

15. "The Light — It's Always Been There. It'll Guide You."

Lupita Nyong'o's Maz Kanata, basically a female Yoda, gives Rey some important advice when they meet.

16. "Princess — General, Sorry."

C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) calling Leia (Carrie Fisher) by her new title is pretty damn great.

17. "You Changed Your Hair." "Same Jacket." "New Jacket."

Han and Leia's first meeting in what's likely years is sweet and sad and filled with feeling.

18. "Don't Do That." "Do What?" "Anything."

And then it quickly changes to banter. Who expected anything less?

19. "If Luke Couldn't Reach Him, How Could I?" "Luke Is A Jedi, You're His Father."

Before Han leaves to find their son Kylo Ren, Leia gives him some moving support.

20. "You Still Want To Kill Me?" "That's What Happens When You're Being Hunted By A Stranger In A Mask."

Captured by Kylo Ren, Rey isn't so thrilled about her less-than-ideal circumstances.

21. "You're Afraid You'll Never Be As Strong As Darth Vader."

But when he tries to get into her mind, Rey fights him off with some powerful words.

22. "I Always Hated Watching You Leave." "That's Why I Did It, So You'd Miss Me."

More Han and Leia talk, more Han and Leia giving me all the feels.

23. "We'll Figure It Out. We'll Use The Force." "That's Not How The Force Works!"

Clearly, Finn has a lot to learn, and Han isn't exactly patient.

24. "Is There A Garbage Shoot? Trash Compactor?"

Han, bringing the LOLs with the throwbacks.

25. "Ben."

Before turning somber, yet emotional, upon meeting his son, Kylo Ren (real name, Ben).

26. "Thank You."

Two simple words, but said right before the heartbreak that is Kylo killing his father. R.I.P, Han.

27. "I Could Show You The Ways Of The Force."

In the final fight, Kylo tries to overpower Rey using both physical and mental coercion.

28. "We'll See Each Other Again. I Believe That."

But of course, it doesn't work, and the Light Side wins. Sadly, though, Finn is gravely injured, and though he'll surely survive, Rey expresses her wishes to his unconscious body that he'll recover and they'll someday reunite.

29. "Rey, May The Force Be With You."

As Rey goes off to find Luke at the movie's end, Leia leaves her with this, a quote that resonates with the heroine as much as it does with fans.

Thanks, Force Awakens, for making this movie such a satisfying addition to the Star Wars universe.

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