7 Best Sex-Positive Books From 2015

Like most years, this year was marked by moments of jaw-dropping sex negativity with just enough joyous, empowered sex positivity to offer a modicum of hope for the future. On the plus side, there were a number of badass sex-positive books published, amplifying the voices of queer feminists, sex workers, and women who embrace their own sexual power. We can also count Amber Rose's SlutWalk, #myfatsexstory, and Elizabeth Warren's reproductive rights speech amongst the many notable occurrences over the past 12 months that also helped further the sex-positive cause.

Although feminism is a central talking point on everyone's lips these days, sex-positive feminism tends to take a backseat because prudery and stigma still reign supreme when it comes to the intersection of sexuality and female bodies. We have a long way to go to dispel the myths about sex-positive feminists (no, you don't have to have untold sexual partners to be one), so it's on those of us who feel moved to spread the message of sexual liberation in its many diverse incarnations to do so. Literature and non-fiction are both excellent vehicles to indoctrinate the world with sex-positivity, and in 2015, these seven authors did just that:

1. Girl Sex 101

Autostraddle said of this queer guide to female sexuality: "If you only plan to read one book about sex, ever, make it this one." Sex educator Allison Moon is sure to go down in sex positive history for creating the first trans* and non-binary inclusive book about getting it on.

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2. How To Be A Bad Bitch

Part memoir, part guide to not-giving-a-f*ck, one of pop culture's favorite sex positive pillars of the community released this book after her successful L.A. SlutWalk this summer.

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3. SLUT: The Play

Slut reveals the brutal, real life consequences of slut-shaming, and this year The Feminist Press published the play along with a guidebook for combating sexism and sexual violence.

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4. $pread

Between 2005-2011, $pread magazine was an independently published collection of essays, media analysis, illustrations and photos by sex workers and for sex workers. Now, readers can enjoy a selection of the best pieces from the mag in this recently released book.

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5. Dirty Dates

Erotica author extraordinaire Rachel Kramer Bussel's latest is a book of sultry tales for couples. This collection explores kink and romance through the comings and goings of duos just meeting, hooking up, and in long-term entanglements.

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6. Coming Out Like A Porn Star

Porn actor and director Jiz Lee edited this star-studded collection of first person stories by adult performers about their experiences "coming out" to friends and family. This release is packed with se- positive heavyweights from Nina Hartley and Stoya to Annie Sprinkle and Joanna Angel.

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7. How To Train Your Virgin

This erotic gem is a fantastical exploration of desire, fidelity, lust, and otherworldly attraction. Wednesday Black's fictional tale manages to be smart, funny and hot AF all at once.

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