The Definitive Tracker For Lost Items

by Dasha Fayvinova

It's Monday and you're running late to work because you cannot find your keys, your wallet or sometimes your pet. You're flipping over every item in your house, begging for them to magically turn up and wishing you had some kind of trackers for lost items. Well, lucky for you, technology has brought forth the answer to all of your problems in the form of Wistiki.

Wistiki, A French company started by three brothers, has come up with a series of products that will make it impossible for your things to be lost. Or, more realistically, at least help those who are constantly misplacing their items by cutting the search time. Three items: The Aha! (for pets), The Voila! (for keys) and The Hopla! (your wallet) all track and notify the user of their location though a simple iPhone App. You attach one of these to a desired item and that's it. This way, if you lost your keys, just press a button and an alert will sound from the device, signaling its location. If you don't hear anything, check the GPS map that will show you the exact location of the item. Basically, this is what I've been doing every single time I've misplaced my phone during my lifetime. Hey Jordan, can you call my phone real quick?

Personally, everything about this makes me happy. I've spent so much time looking for things as I rush to leave the house that this seems like a solid investment. Here are some DOPE features that caught my attention.

1. Hopla!

First — that name. For some reason the name makes me think of that Spongebob episode where we learn how to make a Krabby Patty. Secondly — the design. It's thin enough that you just slide it into your wallet and never worry about it. I would put it under my ID or something.

2. Voila!

This one is simple as hell. Just attach this to your keychain and you are ready to go. All of the products come in four colors, so if pink isn't your bag, you have other choices to choose from. Also, I will never stop saying "voila" when I find things, so this pretty much works perfectly with my personality.

3. Aha!

MY FAVORITE THING EVER. Okay. So this is the one that goes on a pet collar. Since I'm getting a dog later in the year, I really want to purchase this gadget. The amount of LOST DOG posters in my neighborhood is borderline depressing, so if I can get something that can track my pooch ... life made, y'all.

The best part is that you can design your app to your needs. You can have up to 10 devices on one account and you can share the ownership with other people. That way, if your phone breaks or something, you won't also lose every item you have trackers on.


These items are waterproof, have a battery life of three years, and can be used worldwide. Below is the full breakdown of the features:


It works both ways! If you lost your phone but have your keys, just press the button on the Hopla! and your phone will start to make noise. Pretty nifty.

6. Triple Bonus

Not only will you have some bomb-ass trackers, but you will also have the added pleasure of knowing that these three beautiful French men created this design.

Watch the video of the products below, featuring all the colors you can buy them in AND check out their IndieGoGo campaign, pledge some money and be some of the first people to own these!

Images: Giphy (1), Youtube (1), Indiegogo/TheFirstConnectedJewelsEver