Bernie Sanders' Closing Statement At The Third Democratic Debate Hit Republicans Hard

The third Democratic debate has wrapped up, and as expected, it was a much classier affair than any of the Republican debates. This was the last debate of the year, and thus the last chance for the candidates to make their pitch to voters before everybody heads home for the holidays. While Bernie Sanders’ closing statement at the debate focused on the general economic arguments on which he’s based his campaign, he also went out of his way to bash the Republican candidates. Here's what he said:

Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sanders has received some criticism for focusing his campaign entirely on the topic of income inequality. That’s a worthy issue, of course, but for much of Sanders campaign, it seemed like that was all he talked about. He's caught some flack for this, most notably during the second Democratic debate when, he pivoted to wealth inequality while answering questions about national security.

Lately, though, the Vermont senator has branched out a bit. He criticized Donald Trump’s absurd proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States, calling it divisive and demagogic, and argued passionately against sending U.S. ground troops to fight ISIS in Syria during the fifth Republican debate. At the third Democratic debate, Sanders continued to broaden his horizons; his opening statement, for example, focused just as much on national security than it did wealth inequality.

But by the time the debate was over, Sanders had come full-circle. He closed with a message that was focused solely on economic inequality — and equally, he criticized Republicans for exacerbating that inequality.