Who Dies In 'The Force Awakens'?

by Amy Mackelden

Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens was always going to be an emotional movie. Not only have fans waited years to see what happens to Luke, Leia, and co., but the Star Wars universe has expanded in so many other ways since the original trilogy was released. Some of the biggest questions surrounded how much original cast members Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher would feature, not to mention other characters like Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO. While it's true that The Force Awakens absolutely honors the original trilogy, and incorporates jokes, lines and references for fans, it was always going to go in a direction all of its own — and that direction includes death. That's right, a major character dies and having just watched the movie, I now have all of the feels. Not only me, in fact, but like the whole entire world. You know that a spoiler alert is coming! So stop reading if you don't want to hear about who dies in Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens !

While there are several impressive battles and fight scenes in Star Wars: The Force Awakens , the scene that almost made me cry — ALMOST — features Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and his estranged son Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Leia has told Han Solo to bring their son home, believing there is still some good in him. Feeling all the emosh, Han Solo reaches out to Kylo Ren, and the result is DEVASTATING.

Crying, Kylo Ren tells Han Solo that he's being torn up inside and knows what he must do. Han says he'll help, and takes hold of Kylo Ren's lightsaber. Just as it looks as though a family reunion might be on the cards, Kylo Ren uses the lightsaber, fatally injuring Han Solo, who falls into a dark abyss from the bridge they're standing on. Chewbacca cries out in grief as he watches from a distance, seeing his lifelong friend is fatally injured. Han Solo falls to his death.

While it was a widely predicted plot point, it was clear Harrison Ford truly savored being back in one of his most recognizable roles. Delivering classic lines, and fighting alongside his bestie Chewie, Ford was a total movie star, and deserved being center stage once more. So when the inevitable happened to him — meaning it's incredibly unlikely he'll appear in any other Star Wars movies — I was completely miserable. I legit wanted to cry.

While Han Solo isn't the only death in The Force Awakens, and there are some pretty huge casualties when entire planets are blown up, he is by far the most upsetting death. As a main character, and a well-loved actor, Han Solo and Harrison Ford have my heart completely. Knowing that this is one role we won't see Ford in again is very sad indeed.

One thing J.J. Abrams did very right was giving Ford a high-calibre role. Not only did Han Solo have a big chunk of screen time in The Force Awakens, he was also kick-ass and totally hilarious. He may be dead, but the character went out in a totally respectable manner, trying to save his and Leia's son.

Now you'll have to excuse me for a second while I go and have a little cry in a darkened room. Han Solo, you will be missed.

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