'Force Awakens' NYC Fans Got An Amazing Surprise

If you haven't already been to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then what's wrong with you? (I kid — but seriously, what's wrong with you?) Fans have headed to their local movie theaters in droves this weekend to see Episode VII, breaking all-time box office records for a movie's opening weekend, and that's an incredible feat. But while seeing the next installment of the Star Wars franchise is enough of an amazing experience on its own, one group of fans got an extra special treat when John Boyega surprised several New York City audiences seeing the movie at several theaters in the city on Friday night. Needless to say, the crowds went absolutely wild.

Boyega, who plays new character Finn in Force Awakens, had appeared earlier in the evening at the Apple Store in SoHo for a Q&A with film critic Jordan Hoffman. Why he decided to pop in to surprise fans is unknown, but what is known is that it was an incredibly sweet gesture that didn't go unappreciated by those who were on the receiving end. Immediately, photos and videos popped up across social media, and it's easy to see just how much everyone was freaking out to see Boyega come off the screen and into the flesh. Talk about unexpected!

Boyega shared several videos from his appearances on his Instagram account, writing: "Today I did surprise pop ups for opening night audiences in NYC! Had an amazing time meeting you all and again thank you for all the support." In another video, he added, "The force is strong in New York." Amazing!

Admittedly, I haven't seen Force Awakens yet — I pre-booked for D-Box next week because I need the full experience — but I can't imagine how amazing it must have been to have been amped up already since you were finally seeing the new Star Wars movie, only to have one of the movie's stars walk into the theater unexpectedly. Talk about amazing! Sure, it's a great PR move, but given that it's Star Wars we're talking about here, it was hardly necessary, and it seems Boyega did it because he truly wanted to, which is even more amazing.

While it's unlikely that any cast member, Boyega or otherwise, will turn up at my own screening (particularly since, while I live in New York, I'm currently overseas), that doesn't mean that it couldn't (or won't!) happen to you if you've still yet to check it out. You never know who might turn up, so you'd better keep your eyes peeled!

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm