Jenna Dewan-Tatum Rocks An Unusual Accessory

by Rosie W.

Solidifying his status as one of the most relatable actors in Hollywood, Channing Tatum proved that his dad-ness is just as intense as his hotness when he posted an Instagram of wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum wearing a mermaid tail with their young daughter Everly. Though you would expect the focus of a mother-daughter mermaid tail snap to be the little one, Tatum zeroed on Dewan-Tatum lounging on the floor in a flannel shirt and purple tail while Everly, in a matching miniature tail, chilled in the background. And it was absolutely adorable.

The Tatums' tails are courtesy of Fin Fun, a manufacturer of fully functional(!) mermaid tails that will be sure to inspire envy among those who were mermaid fanatics back in the day. In fact, these mermaid tails are the holy grail of gifting for a kid (or adult) who just wants to swim around and fashion shells into headbands. While there are other manufacturers of mermaid tails, Fin Fun's products are sold at a very affordable price point, which means you can do as Dewan-Tatum and pick up one for yourself. In addition to their mermaid tails, Fin Fun offers a bevy of ocean-themed products, from bikinis to coloring books.

Here are seven gifts Fin Fun has to offer that will please any mermaid in your life.

Get Dewan-Tatum's Look

Jia's Asian Magenta Mermaid Tail, $57.95+,

It appears that Dewan-Tatum is wearing this pretty magenta tail.

For the Tots

Jia's Asian Magenta Mermaid Tail for Toddlers, $49.95+,

Obviously the folks at Fin Fun have raised children before, because they offer an entire line of toddler's tails "just for little sister so she doesn’t have to miss out on the fun." And thus thousands of temper tantrums were avoided.

Taste The Rainbow

Serena's Rainbow Reef Mermaid Tail, $57.95+,

Can't decide on a single color? Buy all of them.

A Clamshell Bikini For Your Friend

Brynn's Celtic Green Clamshell Bikini Set, $34.90+,

These are available in both children's and adults' sizes, because nobody has stopped wanting to be Ariel just because they got older.

A Set For A Little One

Scarlett's Rio Red Little Sister Gift Bundle, $61.08+,

If you're really vying for a child's affection, this bundle will have them eating out of your hand. It includes a mermaid tail, bathing suit top and bottom, a coloring book, and a doll costume that'll fit either an American Girl doll or Barbie.

A Set For An Older Child

Zoey's Aussie Green Mermaid Essentials Gift Bundle, $142.80+,

This is a single click to a very happy 10-year-old.

To Stuff the Stocking

Destiny's Tropical Sunrise Stocking Stuffer Gift Bundle, $38.20,

If you're wary of a parent's wrath if you give their child a functional mermaid fin, this set will do just fine. It includes a mermaid tail for a Barbie or American Girl doll, a head wrap, a coloring book, a poster, and a necklace, and zero chance of an angry parent.

Images: Fin Fun Mermaid