Does H&M Do Free Overnight Shipping For Christmas?

If you're planning on doing some last minute holiday shopping at H&M via its website, then definitely start now. Unlike the franchise's British counterpart, H&M does not offer free overnight shipping in the U.S. at all, let alone for Christmas. Fear not, though. H&M is still doing everything in its power this holiday season to get you your fashion and beauty-related gifts in the nick of time.

When shopping on the retailer's website, package delivery is usually within 3-5 days, with a flat shipping rate of $5.95. However, during the middle of December as the holidays grow closer and closer, the brand is making an exception. According to H&M's website, if you place your order no later than 3 PM on Dec. 22, your package will get to you by Dec. 24. So if your family is anything like mine, and prefers to exchange gifts on the night of Christmas Eve, then your stuff should be there right on time. As for everyone else, this special shipping deal will leave you with enough time to unpack, wrap, and casually place your presents under the tree without breaking a sweat.

Clearly, we have limited time, so I suggest placing your orders ASAP (or hitting up an H&M IRL instead since most stores will be open until 10 PM on Christmas Eve). And if you're seeking more than a cozy cardigan for your mom or a fun NYE party dress for your sis, here are some rad style and beauty gifts that will meet all your stocking stuffer needs.

1. Graphic Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag, $4.99,

Give your loved one's makeup a new home with these adorable makeup bags, available in multiple designs.

2. All That Glitters

Loose Glitter, $6.99,

This is perfect for livening up any NYE party look. Plus, who wouldn't love a little extra sparkle in their lives?

3. Stay Warm

2-Pack Gloves, $5.99,

Let your loved one know you care about keeping their icy fingers warm this holiday with some cute gloves. The gift is practical and the gloves' neutral colors allow them to go with pretty much anything.

4. A Little TLC

Revitalizing Face Mask, $3.99,

Remind your family to take care of their skin during this frigid season with a little face mask for them to pamper themselves with.

5. Flower Child

Headband With Flowers, $5.99,

For those in your family who get down during the snowy gray season, why not inject a little pop of color and springtime vibes into their day to day with this adorable flower crown (available in multiple colors)?

6. Sleek File

Glass Nail File, $4.99,

Add a little sleek and modern touch to your loved one's nail routine with this fancy glass nail file.

7. Eyes Wide Open

Eyelash Curler, $4.99,

Sprinkle some glam into your friend's makeup bag with this beautiful gold lash curler.

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Images: hm/Instagram; Courtesy H&M