HOW Many People Tried To Get Adele Tickets?!

Let me tell you something, friends. This past week I spent two freakin' days trying to get Adele tickets, and guess what? I did not get them. I wish I could say I was alone in this defeat, but alas, I was not. As Billboard relays, Ticketmaster president Jared Smith said that there was "An all-time record of 10 million + fans, " who attempted to get Adele tickets for her upcoming North American tour. Billboard explains that Smith revealed that number in a letter to the Ticketmaster employees who were perhaps unfairly blamed by the media and angry fans for the whole soul crushing Adele ticket-getting attempt. Wrote Smith to his team, "Unfortunately, when there is such a exceptional artist with unprecedented demand against short supply, there are inevitably going to be disappointed fans."

Uh, you think?! As with most things, I figured the best way for all us Adele losers to handle the absence of concert tickets is to cope through music. Not just any music, of course — Adele's music. Trust me, once you get over the initial sting, it'll be cathartic. Here are a few Adele songs that perfectly span the emotions of what it was like to try and ultimately not succeed at getting tickets to the Adele Live concert. Listen, I've made mix tapes for lesser things.

1. Day-Dreaming About Meeting Adele At The Concert You Are Def Gunna Get Front Row Seats To

You've got this. Your finger is trigger ready on that "Get Tickets" button. 30 seconds to go, baby.

2. Waiting For Your Place In The Ticket Queue To Come Up

*Deep breaths* Don't freak out. You've got such a good chance.

3. Continuing To Wait As Your Blood Pressure Escalates And The Number Of Tickets Dwindle

*Bites nails off* *Pulls out remaining strands of hair*

4. Getting The Notification That The Tickets Are Sold Out

*Slams laptop lid hard* *Opens it back up quickly to assess the damage*

5. Browsing Your News Feed Longingly As Other Luckier People Post Their Ticket Confirmations

What'd they do? Sell their souls? Do Adele's laundry? Travel in time?!

6. Looking Back On Your One Day Prior, Still-Hopeful Self

Naivety is so heartbreakingly beautiful.

7. Accepting Your Ticket-less Fate

You know what? You don't need Adele, OK? You're over it. You're totally done with the drama. It's not even worth it.

8. Looking Forward To When They Inevitably Announce More Tour Dates

Forgive me, Adele, for I have sinned...

I will watch the concert as I swing from the rafters if there isn't any room. Just let me in, OK!?