Alyssa Milano Has A Pixie Haircut That Will Remind You Of Her 'Charmed' Days — PHOTO

Bye bye, long hair! Alyssa Milano chopped off her hair, ditching loads of ombre length in favor of a super short pixie in a winter-ready, chocolaty hue. The actress, who was an '80s icon with Who's the Boss and a '90s queen with Charmed, is a busy and supremely successful fashion designer. She has her Touch fashion brand, which offers fitted styles for female pro sports fans, and recently designed a line of Viva paper towels, which she gave Bustle the exclusive scoop on. Milano is also a mom of two, so she needs an easy but stylish 'n' sexy cut and that's just what she got with her pixie.

Milano's new hairstyle is way different and crazy short. But it does something amazing and that's spotlight her doe eyes and her gorgeous smile. I can't stop looking at her eyes or her lips.

She dramatized her pixie's debut, thanks to that swipe of shiny berry lipstick. She shared the first shot of her short strands in an Instagram pic, which is the case for many celebs. It was her version of a mirror selfie — you know that's Kylie Jenner's signature Insta pose. Milano's pixie has razory bangs and it draws your eye to her eyes. That means it's a solid style.

It will take some getting used to, since this lovely is known for having lots of length.

It's so pretty and there is so much additional drama, thanks to that deep and glossy lipstick shade. While we are used to her with long hair, she has gone short in the past, but more on that in a sec.

Here's another and the cut is absolutely smashing. It's literally a wash, rake-some-product-through, and go style. Personally, I like Milano better with a pale pink lip and that's usually what she goes for. But check out those subtle caramel highlights in the front. And I still can't stop staring at her eyes. So meta!

Jason Carter Rinaldi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Milano rocked a classic updo style earlier this year that showed off her pretty face like her pixie does.

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She was rocking a mega voluminous 'do with a honey hue earlier this year, as well. It was her version of bombshell.

Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her ombre ends and waves were so chic.

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Her tight topknot also spotlighted her eyes and lips. Seeing a pattern here?

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Romantic, face-framing tendrils looked so good on her.

Milano was our '80s teenage dream as tomboy Samantha Micelli, complete with big hair. She knew her way around a curling iron, that's for sure.

The side pony! She must have been using L.A. Looks and Aqua Net products, for realz.

Remember Milano's choppy, Charmed-era shag?

She really is sexier when she chooses shorter hair.

Milano is genetically blessed, so it really doesn't matter how she wears her hair.

It's still 2015, but so many of my fave celebs are ditching long or familiar hairstyles in favor of new ones for 2016 already. Out with the old, in with the new 'do.

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