Why 'Gilmore Girls' Christmas Episode "Forgiveness And Stuff" Is A Must-See To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Whether it's decorating the Christmas tree or caroling at the top of your lungs for all to hear, there are a lot of different ways one can go about getting into the holiday spirit. But for this TV-obsessed writer, nothing gets me in a more festive mood than watching the Gilmore Girls Christmas episode "Forgiveness and Stuff," or as many people are prone to call it, the one with the Santa Burger. Any diehard Gilmore Girls fan knows just how truly special this particular episode is. Not only is it chock-full of all the traditional Gilmore one-liners, but it also gives you one-two punch right in the feels, reminding us that underneath all the jokes and sarcasm lies a family that loves and cares for each other more than even they sometimes realize.

Basically, I guess what I'm trying to say here is that if you're looking for something to really send your Christmas spirit into overdrive, nothing will accomplish that better than this Gilmore Girls classic. Season 1 was only just the beginning for this series, but you could tell by this tenth episode that the show wasn't just on its way to greatness. It was already there. But just in case you need a little more proof as to why this holiday-themed episode is worth your time, here are a few extra little incentives...

1. Nothing Beats Stars Hollow At Christmastime

From Taylor's caroling crew to the wonderfully synchronized bell chimes and holiday procession, this town knows how to make Christmas feel like the most magical time of the year. You'll want to back your bags and move there immediately, trust me.

2. Michel Is As Sassy As Ever

Just leave it to Michel to make something as delightful as decorating the Christmas tree seem like something excruciatingly painful. But I know underneath that Grinch-like exterior he's actually having a really good time.

3. Apple Tarts Get Some Much Needed Love

We know how much Lorelai and Rory love junk food, but in keeping with the holiday vibe, apple tarts in particular get several shout outs throughout the hour, so if you aren't already craving them, you're about to.

4. You'll Never Look At Burgers The Same Way Again

After getting un-invited from her parents' Christmas party, Lorelai was in the mood to eat something festive in order to cheer herself up. So Luke surprised her with a burger in the shape of a Santa and it was pretty much the most adorable gesture ever. Speaking of which...

5. Luke & Lorelai's Relationship Takes Center Stage

This was still a long way off from when these two crazy kids finally get together, but there were multiple moments throughout the episode that highlighted just how much they belong together. From the aforementioned Santa Burger to when Luke closed up the diner so he could drive Lorelai to the hospital to see her dad, it became obvious this duo was OTP right from the start.

6. Richard's Hospital Visit

While it's true that Richard's close call hits very close to home this year in light of Edward Herrmann's death last year, this is still such a beautiful storyline that showcases how much this character (much like the actor) was beloved by everyone around him. You might want to have some tissues ready though. Just in case.

7. Jane Lynch Guest Stars

And, you know, that's just always a good time.

8. Emily & Richard Prove They're A National Treasure

Just SO MANY FEELINGS during this scene, you guys. #EmilyandRichard4Ever

9. Emily Said What We've All Been Thinking

Since Luke came to the hospital with Lorelai, Emily immediately assumed they had been on a date and wasted no time in asking what was going on between the two of them. Bless you, Emily Gilmore. Bless you.

10. Luke Gets A New Baseball Cap

I think we can all agree that blue is definitely his color. Much like this episode is to the holiday season, this hat is the perfect fit.

11. Also, Did I Mention The Santa Burger Thing?

Because I really just can't stress that moment enough.

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