Guys, Louis Tomlinson Got A Butt Tattoo

by Michelle McGahan

Louis Tomlinson is about to become a father, but he's acting a little more like Ferris Bueller — at least, if this past weekend in Chicago was any indication. While spending time in the Windy City, the One Direction singer took the title of his vocal-heavy track "No Control" to heart, tattooing his butt, allegedly crashing a 21st birthday party, and accidentally leaving his passport behind (he got it back). Louis Tomlinson was literally living the plot of a John Hughes movie.

Since this is what it's like to be at the height of fame in 2015, One Direction fans immediately began tracking Tomlinson's every move in Chicago on social media — and in real life. "Louis is in Chicago" became a trending topic almost immediately as the first pictures started rolling in, and Chicago-area stans were quick to find his whereabouts IRL, taking sneaky pics of (and with) their idol as he gamely posed for photos with excited fans.

As for what he was doing in the Windy City to begin with, it appeared as if he was with rumored girlfriend Danielle Campbell, dining out with her family and then getting cozy with her at an ice cream shop. It's obvious that the two are all about their frozen dairy desserts, considering they drank some crazy delicious-sounding milkshakes on their L.A. date a few weeks ago. Super '50s-like and innocent, right? Exactly how the plots of most of those feel-good, Chicago-based John Hughes comedies start out — until the night takes a wild turn. Dun dun dun.

As you can see in the photo above, there's good ol' Louis, getting his butt tattooed at Great Lakes Tattoo, Gossip Cop reports. In addition to the ink on his buttcheek (there's a sentence I never thought I'd write), Tomlinson also got the number "28" tattooed on his left hand — the number of his Doncaster Rovers jersey. Ever the gentleman to Directioners, Tomlinson posed for photos with fans outside of the tattoo parlor:

At some point in the night (surprisingly enough, this was actually after the butt tattoo), Tomlinson also "crashed" someone's birthday party — a party that entailed the singer posing for more selfies and ridiculous pictures than I can even begin to imagine. If you're looking for photo evidence of that situation, look no further than these babies:

And if things couldn't get any more "crazy night in a John Hughes movie" than butt tattoos and drinking with randoms, Tomlinson straight pulled a Mrs. McCallister — but instead of accidentally leaving his child home alone for Christmas, he left his passport, cell phone, and coat at the party. It was probably at this point that the John Hughes movie that was Tomlinson's weekend in Chicago turned into something more akin to Superbad or The Hangover. Not to mention that one partygoer even posed with his passport (yikes), which was fortunately returned to him; no harm, no foul.

And just in case the night wasn't crazy enough, Tomlinson also posed for a photo with a group of fans at a gas station. What better way to top off a vacation, am I right?

Whether or not Tomlinson was channeling the likes of Ferris Bueller — or hell, even Dennis the Menace or whichever Chicago-based protagonist who hilariously schemes his way into a crap-ton of trouble you choose — one thing's for sure: His time in Chicago is certainly worthy of a John Hughes movie.

Image: Giphy