This Guy Tried To Pick People Up With Lines From Disney Movies & It Went Pretty Much As Expected — VIDEO

To be honest, I feel pretty lukewarm about pickup lines. When encountered in the wild, they have a habit of being pushy, irritating, and a little offensive, and it's like, can I please drink with my girls? Leave me alone, Fedora Man. But what if Prince Charming tried to hit on you? OK, not literally, but what if someone took the words right out of his mouth? Well, this guy used pickup lines from Disney movies and it went probably how you'd expect it to go: Weird. Hilariously so.

The latest offering from BuzzFeedVideo, the clip has a pretty straightforward premise: Send cute dude out into the world, armed only with lines from classic Disney fare like Frozen and The Little Mermaid, watch him weird people out, and hope that at least one human will react positively to his schtick.

Well, one person did. Kind of.

The video was inspired by the recent launch of MouseMingle, a niche dating date specifically for Disney lovers. Having spent a little time over there (for research purposes only, I swear), I can attest to the fact that it's very, very niche. But honestly, having watched this video, I realized that I've heard variations on a lot of these lines. And I know the dudes behind a lot of these lines. Do you? Let's take a nice little jaunt down memory lane.

1. The Best Friend Who Wants To Be More

Oh boy.

2. The Heavily Styled Musical Theater Guy

It's... no. Your hair looks better than mine, anyway.

3. The Aggressive Sports Dude

He probably like crushed a can against his head before this or something.

4. The Sensitive Artsy One

He wrote a song about you on his mandolin and can't wait to share it at the next Open Mic.


He's mad the bar doesn't have Red Bull. He buys a round of Fireball shots and then tips terribly. He has one too few buttons buttoned. Run. Get out immediately.

Check out the full video below:

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